Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Story of "no choice" Supports need for Parental-notification

You're standing on the gang-plank. You hold your child in your arms. An angry, abusive pirate is lurking somewhere behind you. You don't want him to hurt your baby. The sharks swim in the ocean below. You can jump knowing your child will die but you will live and the child will escape abuse. The people who suggested the gang-plank as an escape route in the first place, and extracted a large fee for its use, ask you if you "are sure you want to do this" several times. They don't, however, tell you about several of the hidden paths off the island away from the pirate. You decide to jump. What's wrong with this story and have you really made a free choice?

The incomparable Dawn Eden takes out The Oregonian's attempt to turn voters away from Oregon's parental-notification ballot measure 43.

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