Friday, October 27, 2006

Show the Truth Hits UW

Ed Sauley of “Show the Truth” brought his truth tour to the University of Washington yesterday and the PI actually covered it. Silent No More Awareness had been invited to attend to share the harmful effect that abortion has on women but no one was available that day.

According to the story in the PI, several pro-abortion demonstrators, including Radical Women, attended to try and hide the truth about abortion. They tried it earlier this year at Show the Truth's tour in Olympia (click under Events to see the photo) and they tried to do it when Silent No More Awareness held their gatherings in Westlake Park in January 2006 and January 2005. At the SNMA Westlake Park gatherings pro-abortion demonstrators had bull-horns (used illegally) to try and drown us out, to no avail. In 2005, Planned Parenthood of Western Washington and the abortion mill, and darling of the Seattle media/political/business elite, Aradia Women's clinic, had initially tried to shout us down and force us out. Bad-publicity, however, resulted for PP when KOMO News Radio 1000 played portions of women's testimonies almost every hour two days in a row, forcing them to leave the field. We haven't seen them since.

In a post filed under "Higher Education", a blogger named Matt Rosenberg also posts about yesterday’s “Show the Truth” rally at the University of Washington. Mr. Rosenberg supports the free speech rights of the demonstrators and rightly criticizes the UW administration and the pro-abortion protesters who tried to cover up the truth about abortion. It’s too bad Mr. Rosenberg and Sound Politics, Mr. Rosenberg's blogging home, couldn’t grant the same consideration to preserving the First Amendment rights of the pharmacists in our state.

The great thing about being pro-life is that we can cite Jefferson, Moses, Locke, John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Aquinas, Montesquieu, Maritain.

Mr. Rosenberg gets to quote...Wendy McElroy. A woman with no claim to any area of expertise on matters of science, political or moral philosophy, social ethics, embryology, or the U.S. Constitution. She's simply your garden variety feminist dabbling in the philosophies of Nitchte, Satre and Kinsey.

Miss McElroy's essay includes this line, which Mr. Rosenberg enthusiastically supports, "The best hope of limiting the divisiveness comes from voices in the middle that are not fully committed to pro-choice or pro-life." That's a great idea in theory but the reality is there is no middle with any voice. Washington's pro-life movement is waiting anxiously for Rosenberg, McElroy, et al. to start pushing for greater oversight of abortion centers, ending or decreasing funding for Planned Parenthood, informed consent laws, parental notification, fetal pain laws, and laws that would make it easier for a woman to sue her abortionist. In the states where these laws have passed it's been through the efforts of pro-lifers, not pro-choicers.

Why are all the voices who claim to be in the middle silent when it comes to fighting the abortion lobby and politicians who are trying to put CPS out of business with laws and phony law suits? Why don't they encourage those "moderate" and "mainstream" Republican politicians they love so much to come out and give voice to this so-called great middle that is neither pro-choice or pro-life? Perhaps it's because they aren't in the middle afterall.

In the meantime I'll keep hoping.

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