Monday, October 09, 2006

Scary Post-Abortive Women

Some magazine I've never heard of but is apparently very popular in Seattle includes this article in their October issue belittling the pro-woman aspect of the pro-life movement in general and the South Dakota abortion ban in particular.

Scare-quote award of the week goes to the use of "post-abortive women" in this sentence -- "...a busload of “post-abortive women," called the Fleet for Little Feet...”

As one of our Washington Silent No More Awareness speakers said this year after the Feds beefed up their presence at our silent vigil outside Washington NARAL's January 2006 Pro-Roe rally, "Lee Anne and I should feel flattered that we would warrant an increase in the police protection. Let's see that is 3 policeman each for both of us. We are a couple of really scary post abortive women with a lot of positive anger!"

(On a side note: Authors Reva Siegel and Sarah Blustain need to connect with the advertising department, which seems to be at least a little more clued in to reality as evidenced by the fact that they have a 3-inch banner ad linking to Feminists for Life's "Pro-Woman Answers to Pro-Choice Questions." Or maybe they just need the money.)


Christina Dunigan said...

The advertising department was doing exactly what it's supposed to do, which is put the ad right where the most interested people are likely to see it.

Christina Dunigan said...

the state must “protect” women from abortion by forcing them to bear children.

There they are again! The prolife Insemination Squads, wrestling women to the ground and impregnating them with turkey basters. If only the prolifers would stop getting women pregnant against their will, forcing them to bear children!

Earth to Reva and Sarah: If she's pregnant, she's already bearing a child.

Christina Dunigan said...

They look at the suffering women and say, "But science shows abortion doesn't hurt women." It's kinda like the way aeronautical engineers note that according to science, bumblebees can't fly. But the bees still fly. And the women suffer.

Science that can't explain reality is incomplete and faulty science.