Saturday, October 28, 2006

Since When?

"The days of the back-alley abortions are gone," Judge Giovine told Berdiel, according to an Asbury Park Press newspaper report.

I've got some bad news for you Judge...Here's just a partial list of deaths at just one U.S. abortion center:

Denise Holmes, age 24, 1970
Patricia Chacon, age 16, 1984
Mary Pena, age 43, 1984
Josefina Garcia, age 37, 1985
Lanice Dorsey, age 17, 1986
Joyce Ortenzio, age 32, 1988
Tami Suematsu, age 19, 1988
Susan Levy, age 30, 1992
Deanna Bell, age 13, 1992
Christina Mora, age 18, 1994
Kimberly Neil, 2000
Chanelle Bryant, age 22, 2004

Thanks to Christina at Real Choice for providing this list.
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Christina Dunigan said...

Ah! I screwed up my links and then you copied the bad links! Go inside and remove "naf.htm/" So it'll be for each link.

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Christina Dunigan said...

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Anonymous said...

God rest the souls of these women - this women who felt they had no choice but to do what they did. God help us...