Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Abortion Industry Imploding?

Our friends at Operation Rescue have made this comment on their web site and blog, "The abortion movement is failing and the industry is imploding." Other commentators have made similar pronouncements and many see the end of abortion as a very real possibility in the near future.

We certainly see signs of an implosion here in Washington but aren't willing to let our guard down.

Here's what we see from our perch:  Abortion numbers here are down.  From their highs in the 1990s of about 31,000 to about 21,000. This tracks with what we see across the country, for example, as was reported about Kansas abortion numbers this week.

40 Days for Life continues to irritate, upset and close abortion clinics. Just this week we got this notice about events at the Tacoma 40 Days for Life vigil site.
Just wanted to share good news from the front line - PP has been closed SEVERAL days, including at least one last week (may have been 2), then again yesterday (ABORTION DAY!) AND today.  Just a note on the door.  Customers showing up, several of whom we were able to re-direct to CareNet.  On one of the days, Richard, one of the death escorts, showed up.  He apparently saw the note and tried the door.  It was locked.  He got out his cell and made a call, after which he took off.  So it sounds very last minute with no notice even to the volunteers.  Praise be to God!
We've also observed unexpected closures at the Everett 40 Days for Life vigil site and customers who had appointments surprised that the abortuatry was not opened.

Other observations are that staff morale appears low. Deathscorts are few and far between. More babies and moms are being saved.
However, the decrease in abortion numbers takes a huge chunck out of clinic revenue. You can see the Seattle Medical and Wellness Clinic in Seattle touting themselves with the "Most affordable abortion care in King County." They also attempt to compete with Planned Parenthood on price.

Cedar River Clinic in Yakima was forced to close and blamed it on Planned Parenthood for stealing their business by stating, "With the expansion of Planned Parenthood’s abortion services in Yakima in recent years, the region was over-served. Maintaining two main abortion-providing facilities in this community is just not sustainable."

Which leads us to another thought. If women will crawl over broken glass to get an abortion, as the abortion industry has led us to believe, then why is it so price sensitive? It appears to us that if abortion gets too expensive women will find other healthier ways to manage an unexpected pregnancy. They don't resort to self-abortion.

So what's the reaction of the abortion industry going to be? Well, both the state and their pro-abort cohorts are doing their best to increase the numbers, prime the pump as it were, through a variety of avenues: so-called comprehensive sex ed in the schools and community centers, increased distribution of condoms and contraceptives, targeting of kids while separated from their parents via the school based clinics and Planned Parenthood's teen health clinics, mandating that doctors and pharmacists participate in the abortion industry, shutting down pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, and increasing funding for Take Charge, which they recently did in the current version of the budget.

Finally, they are going to need more and more state and federal dollars to stay afloat. If we can cut off their funding it could be the fatal blow that shuts them down entirely. Keep working.


Christine said...

What about places like Swedish Hospital? Have abortions gone up there? It seems like 40 Days for Life, etc. only focus on the abortions that take place at abortuaries like Planned Parenthood and Cedar River. However, hundreds of babies are aborted at hospitals in Washington state. In fact, one obstetrician who worked at Swedish (he might still work there), proudly told a pregnant mother (my children's former pediatrician) that they were "having great success at wiping out children with Down Syndrome." This mother was shocked and so was I when she told me what her doctor had said. Is Planned Parenthood possibly seeing less business because of 40 Days for Life and because of private doctors who perform abortions on a regular basis at area hospitals?

I once called a bunch of obstetricians, looking for one who was pro-life. I asked each doctor's office secretary, "Does Dr. ______ perform abortions?" All but two doctors' offices in the Federal Way/Tacoma area answered in the affirmative. How are these abortions reported? How can we help the mothers who go to these doctors see that babies are a gift from God and murdering them is never okay, no matter what a doctor might say?

Jonathan B said...

Christine, thanks for this great info. There is truly a huge problem with the medical profession that seems to be just as likely to murder its patients as it is to heal them. We as customers need to make it clear that we will only go to doctors who don't kill their patients.

The only data I know of regarding this issue is here. It's from the Department of Health, so who knows if there's any truth to it, but it says that "just" 306 abortions in the latest year reported were done at hospitals, or 1.3%.