Friday, April 08, 2011

Beautiful Little Lamb Saved from Cedar River Abortion Mill

Of course, we love to get emails like the one reprinted below. It's a story we received this week about a beautiful child spared from the horror of abortion last year. Some people wanted her dismembered and set out as medical waste. Others braved the cold, the wind and rain, and public humiliation to see her live.

Dear Pro-life friends,

Some of us who were praying at the Cedar River Abortion Center at Renton on Friday, April 1st, had a wonderful, joyful experience of having a lady drive by and hand over a picture of a beautiful baby girl. She said that some months back when she had driven in to the center for an abortion, someone praying outside handed her a picture (not sure what exactly it was) of a baby's feet. That touched her and made her choose life for her unborn child and the picture she gave us was the picture of her little daughter, Teana, who now is her joy.

We were moved to tears and rejoiced and praised the Lord. We know that our prayerful presence outside the abortion centers do have an impact and though the going seems tough and unrewarding at times, we must not despair. Our Lord will work if we are willing to stand and wait on Him, persevering in prayer and loving compassion for the women and men and their unborn children, and for the staff of the abortion centers. Praise God for the faithful ones who stand by all through the year and praise God for the wonderful 40 days campaign all through the country.

Please pass this around to other friends and also if anyone has the email of Pat and Mike who are at Renton Cedar River every Friday morning, please send this to them. Pat usually hands out flyers and little feet and models of pre-born babies.

God bless you all and Praise the Lord!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that encouragement!

DCG said...

Good news!