Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Internal Documents Show Planned Parenthood Abortion Numbers Skyrocket

As the national debate over ending government funding of Planned Parenthood assumes center stage, a move which we at AIW have been encouraging for several years, the abortion chain insists through its surrogates throughout the mainstream media that even though they're the country's largest perpetrator of premeditated murders in the form of abortion, their real interest and focus is on prevention.

But now we have obtained internal documents from Planned Parenthood of Central Washington (PPCW) that show the brutal truth.

PPCW's figures show that despite receiving millions of tax dollars for contraception programs and selling millions of dollars worth of contraception, the numbers of abortions performed has risen by a shocking amount.

In 2001, PPCW did 706 abortions. The next year that figured lept 18%. By 2006, just 4 years later, PPCW murdered 1055 babies: a 31% increase. That rose again the next year to 1161. And then in 2008 that figure lept an incredible 40%, to 1598!

And that 40% increase was with total (unduplicated) client volume staying largely flat (at about 22,000).

This trend was true at all their abortion clinics: Yakima, Kennewick, Walla Walla, and Ellensburg. One of the things the figures make perfectly clear is that PPCW has been moving aggressively from surgical abortions to medical abortions (RU-486). This has enabled them to do abortions at sites not equipped or staffed for surgical abortions. And it seems to have helped them increase their abortion sales at existing surgical death camps.

KennewickSurgical AB695802812
KennewickMedication AB327530
KennewickTotal AB1022855812
YakimaSurgical AB276306243
YakimaSurgical AB19700
YakimaTotal AB473306243
Walla WallaMedication AB6000
EllensburgMedication AB4300
ALLSurgical AB97111081055
ALLMedication AB627530
ALLALL AB159811611055

Chemical warfare abortions were introduced in Kennewick in 2007, and at all 3 other sites in 2008. What's clear is that Planned Parenthood will do abortions anywhere and everywhere it can. And as a PP of Western Washington spokesman explained to us, the more places abortion is offered, the more abortions they can do. In other words, they acknowledge what is obvious: namely that making it more accessible means more dead babies. They are pro-abortion. Period.

There's a lot going on in in the numbers, and more analysis to be done. But it's critical to point out that during this time PPCW has never had more money, never had more facilities, never had more programs, never had more reach, never had more clients. The point is: this is what Planned Parenthood looks like when it's firing on all cylinders.

At the end of 2008, they had over $7 million in the bank. Their annual budget included $4.6 million just in payroll, with PPCW CEO Anna Franks alone pulling in a cool $212,000. Not bad take-home for employees of a "small town nonprofit"! In 2008, they received $782,000 in Family Planning funds from the federal government alone. In 2009, they made $600,000 in profit off revenue of $8 million.

PPCW has also long been a participant in the massively lucrative Take Charge Program (also known as the early retirement program for Planned Parenthood executives). This program, whose massive failure we have chronicled in great detail, provides "free" birth control to more women than are normally eligible under Medicaid.

What that actually means is that PP gets paid by the state for even more of their highly profitable oral contraceptive sales. For abortions (i.e., unwanted pregnancies) to be surging at these rates in places where this program is in effect is a huge scandal.

That PPCW is seeing such growth in their abortion sales seems less surprising since they have become notorious for their coercive tactics. The story of how they did an abortion on a Pasco teenager that they knew she didn't want is recorded here.

We broke the story of how they tried to coerce a 22-week pregnant teenager into an abortion, even trying to intimidate a Kennewick police officer who was trying to rescue her. There are witnesses to a third incident in which a girl trying to leave the Kennewick abortion mill was seen being dragged back inside by a PP employee.

We also broke a story on how they seem to be hiring unlicensed "nurses" to staff their clinics.

None of these things have resulted in charges or official investigations. According to the Washington State Department of Health it is up to the people and customers of Planned Parenthood to watch and report on their activities and crimes. We are told the way to counter terrorism is: "See something? Say something!" Similarly with terrorism against the unborn and their mothers. If you are a victim of Planned Parenthood please file a report with the Department of Health. If you see something or know of something illegal occurring at Planned Parenthood, you also should file a report with the DOH so they can investigate further.

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unbornhumanrights said...

I just read Abby Johnsons book and she reported as director of PPH to increase abortions. I feel this is true for PPH they only want to increase abortion their make abortion rare and prevent abortion is a lie. Why would they want to prevent unwanted pregnancy anyway? They are in the unwanted pregnancy business. Their costumers are those who want to get rid of unwanted pregnancy (unborn child) or they fear unwanted pregnancy so they get BC which sells them on abortion when it fails and it does!