Thursday, April 07, 2011

911 Audio Confirms: Planned Parenthood Ambulance was for Botched Abortion

We just got hold of the 911 call from the March 18 story which we broke. Our reporter and several 40 Days for Life witnesses saw a woman being evacuated by stretcher from the Planned Parenthood in Everett, Washington, and taken away by ambulance.

This Planned Parenthood is one of the region's most notorious abortion mills. The title of our piece was "Safe and Legal Abortion" claims another victim.

Some slavish abortion supporters challenged the notion that the emergency evacuation was of an abortion patient. Some even challenged the idea that it was a patient at all.

We quickly confirmed via Planned Parenthood CEO Christine Charbonneau that it was indeed a patient.

And now we can confirm that it was a botched abortion that sent the woman to hospital. 

In the 911 audio, the Planned Parenthood caller identifies herself as "Pamela" and as casually as one might order pizza tells the dispatcher that they "have a patient that is bleeding that we need to transfer to the hospital immediately".

Then "Pamela" tells the dispatcher: "We just did an abortion on her."

When asked if the patient was in shock, "Pamela" said "not yet". Finally she asked them to use the side door, but did not say why.

The woman was taken to Providence Medical Center's Pacific Campus, but unlike in other high profile accident cases, Providence refused to comment on the status of the victim, or to indicate if she had recovered from her injuries.

Nothing on the call indicated whether the apparent hemorrhaging was from a perforated uterus or colon as in the case of the ongoing lawsuit against Cedar River Clinics which we broke. In that case also the woman was evacuated by ambulance. She ended up having a hysterectomy, rendering her permanently infertile.

(One must assume that the baby who was murdered by "Pamela" and the other staff of Planned Parenthood is very much dead. There was no ambulance for him or her.)

It is incidents like this that are causing other states around the country to increase the regulation and oversight of the abortion industry to protect women and babies, and to end taxpayer support of Planned Parenthood. One might expect this incident to cause Washington State legislators and regulators to revisit their policy of absolute deregulation of abortion, but instead they are looking for ways to give them more money by expanding the Take Charge program, and turning their regulator fire on pro-life pregnancy centers.

This is despite the fact that this very same clinic has recently employed a doctor who was disciplined and apparently could not find work providing real healthcare (and is listed as working theire to this day), and despite the fact that another Planned Parenthood seems to be employing unlicensed "nurses" (another story we recently broke).

Ms. Charbonneau has refused to identify the doctor responsible for this botched abortion, or the other medical staff she currently employs so that their records and credentials can be checked. Ms. Charbonneau, as CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest, owes women all the information they need to make an informed choice about their abortion and their abortionist: name and past history. Even Seattle Medical and Wellness Clinic gives pictures of their "providers", but no names. Why not? The public is constantly told that "abortion is a private decision between a woman and her doctor." How can that be true if a woman never knows the name of her doctor, never meets her/him and never consults with her/him?

Planned Parenthood can talk all they want about how they're supposedly here to "protect women", but as long as their patients keep leaving out the back door on gurneys and being evacuated via ambulance, it's going to be increasingly ridiculous.


Morris21654 said...

Complications after abortion are rare, much rarer than complications after pregnancy. The incident of complications is less that one half of one percent of abortions performed. If you have figures to prove otherwise, please show them. It is okay to be against abortion, but did one special mother -- your own -- teach you that lying is the right thing to do? Essentially, that is what you did in this article. You can dance around the issue all you want, but those of us who know the data know you are full of it. Now, nothing wrong with your pro-life advocacy. You have a point of view and you believe strongly in it. Make your case with honesty, not false horror.

Mary E. said...

Morris --
Please provide a citation. Your stats, whatever the source, don't account for long term effects and complications that are not immediate.
Please do your research and quit attacking the messenger.

Derek C. said...

Mary E. --
When the messenger inserts himself into the story via lies, distortions, and false implications, it becomes necessary to "attack" him as though he were part of the story himself.

I agree that objective, neutral messengers should be spared, but ones like this, who insert themselves into the story, deserve whatever criticism they get.

Mary E. said...
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Mary E. said...

Derek -- What lies, distortians and false implications?
A woman at a PP was a victim of a botched abortion. Abortion is not the carefree, risk free "choice" it's been marketed as.
Go ahead and attack me all you want but it's curious that you can never back up your faith in the goodness of abortion with real facts.

Mary E. said...
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