Monday, April 18, 2011

Pro-Abortion "Vigil" Total Flop

The 40 Days for Life Campaign wrapped up this past Sunday, April 17th. The Washington state campaigns were all very successful with several babies and moms saved. At least two were saved at the Everett site, at least one or two at Cedar River Clinic in Renton, probably several at Tacoma due to closures.

Pia de Solenni reports on the anti-life "vigil" at the Northgate site yesterday.

Pia also reports on the fact, in our opinion, that this was one of the aggressive by supporters of abortion and Planned Parenthood.
The organizer of the local 40 Days vigil has had feces spread on her car, objects thrown at her while she was praying, and her house egged.
This writer was personally attacked at the Northgate site by a woman who grabbed my sign and threw it into traffic and began yelling at me. At the Everett site I witnessed them sending a woman to the hospital after a botched abortion.

The Northgate site was especially hostile as Pia notes. Last Thursday a woman burst onto the sidewalk with an "I support Planned Parenthood". She promptly began yelling at me, asking me if I supported war and the death penalty. She told told me how responsible she was because her mom took her to Planned Parenthood at 16 to get on birth control (BC) pills.

This story was very sad because this woman was very angry and upset. Who knows how many broken and abusive relationships she was subjected to because of her mother. And since BC pills don't prevent sexually transmitted diseases, was she exposed to any of the many strains of VD that are now so prevalent? Did she lose her fertility because of her use of BC pills and perhaps a VD? I didn't get a chance to ask her.

We finally had to part company when she decided to attack me verbally for not supporting government-funded birth control. 

One has to ask, whatever happened to "keep the government out of my bedroom"? Maybe I'll get a chance to ask her next campaign.


Jessi said...

Things you didn't mention:
- That we outnumbered you by 50%
- That most of us were extremely peaceful, one even giving a hug to a 40 Days for Life woman who was recalling her own abortion (forced on her by her husband, which is not pro-choice at all), and many engaging in quiet dialog.
- The hundreds and hundreds of honks we got for our "Honk for Choice" signs.

Flop indeed!

Oh, and none of us pooped on your car. One of us did have her bike tampered with in a dangerous way, though. So, thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

The people at our vigil, which was not a flop by any means, were peaceful and not aggressive at all. None of us yelled at you, none of us threw anything at you and none of us put poop on your car.
We did however receive massive support from the public and our very presence prompted passersby to personally donate funds to the Northgate Planned Parenthood.

Liz said...

I was definitely at a different event. At no time during the event I proudly attended in support of choice and the wealth of services that Planned Parenthood provides to men and women of all stripes did anyone:
-throw poop on a person or a car (that's gross)
-witness anyone throwing signs into the street
-engaging in anything but dialogue in a metered, conversational tone

The fact that you would have to resort to blatant lies is unfortunate and makes you look ridiculous.

Our presence was welcomed by the hundreds of people that honked their horns in response to our "Honk for Choice" signs. Dozens and dozens of people gave us thumbs up and thanked us for being there. One in three women (including one in three practicing Catholics) will seek an abortion in her lifetime. Women, men and families all across the country look to Planned Parenthood to provide them with important services. Your attempts to prevent their access to comprehensive care will cost the lives of grown, fully sentient women and men. You should be ashamed.

unbornhumanrights said...

You have to expect this stuff sometimes. They all know what they support is wrong, they just wish is wasn't true and live in denial which fosters much anger and resentment against pro lifers!!

No matter what event we always out number these people!

More prayer. 40 days for life works and we need more! Thank you to all who take part!