Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Abortion Advocates Organize to Confront Pro-Lifers at Monthly Planned Parenthood Vigils

A new group calling itself "Seattle Clinic Defense" is organizing monthly demonstrations to counter the pro-life vigils and encourage women to continue with their abortion plans.

The Helpers of God's Precious Infants, which helped to shut down the Aradia clinic on Capitol Hill a few years ago, organizes vigils at the Madison St. Planned Parenthood. These vigils are not organized by the Knights of Columbus.

The Facebook page for SCD describes the group as,"...a grassroots group dedicated to comprehensive, medically-accur​ate, shame-free and affordable reproductive care for all."

Curiously, many of the contributors to this Facebook page seem unaware of the scientific fact that a live human being exists at conception. To abort such an organism is to kill a human being. No evidence has ever been provided by this group or any other to prove otherwise.

When Matt Ulrich, the Helpers local director, was asked to comment about the possibility of protesters confronting his group he responded by saying, "Whenever you do God's will for the right reason, and are vulnerable at the abortion site, you accept whatever the opposition has to alter your prayer efforts, and to disturb your peaceful presence. I welcome the challenge to defend life no matter what the costs, and to continue always to stand up for
the truth."

According to several Facebook postings the group seemed wildly enthusiast for abortion but indifferent to the damaging effects abortion and contraceptives have on women. SCD did not respond to a request posted on their Facebook page for an interview about their group.

In addition to closing down the Aradia abortion mill, The Seattle Helpers have been quite successful outside the Everett Planned Parenthood helping women not only to carry their babies to term but also warning women about the dangerous side effects of contraceptives. They have also provided information on post-abortion healing through Project Rachel. Statistics show that almost half of the women seeking abortion will be obtaining a second, third or fourth abortion.

The Helpers along with the 40 Days for Life Campaign have been responsible for saving countless lives and shutting down many abortion centers across the world. Several abortionists and former abortion workers have also been converted by their work and now help to save lives instead of ending them.

The next Helpers vigil will be Saturday August 13th.
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Anonymous said...

Too bad you have to resort to lies about the Seattle Clinic Defense, namely:

"According to several Facebook postings the group seemed wildly enthusiast (sic) for abortion..."

No one in the group is "wildly enthusiast (sic) for abortion," nor have there been any posts asserting such a thing. The group IS very enthusiastic about women having a choice as to whether or not to use birth control or have an abortion.

But lying about what women who are pro-choice are pro-choice about seems par for the course with you people, so I shouldn't be surprised.

Mary E. said...

Maybe you aren't being honest with yourselves.
Your group protests CPCs who offer abortion alternatives. You believe abortion and OCs are helpful to women and are not at all active in making sure women are not being coerced, pressured or choosing abortion out out of fear and shame. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Your group is naive about the objectives and motives of the abortion industry and seem willing to support them no matter how many women they maime, kill and otherwise bring to uttter despair.
Will you help us help women who see abortion as their only choice? Will you help us put the bad abortionists out of business?
And besides, what's so bad about being an enthusiastic supporter of abortion anyway? Doesn't one of your signs say something about abortion "on demand" with "no apologies." I'd say that's pretty enthusiastic unless you are trying to tell me that your group has to put on a tough face for the camera but inside every "pro-choice" woman there is the knowlege that something very wrong happened to her.
Are you an abortion provider?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary E.-- "And besides, what's so bad about being an enthusiastic supporter of abortion anyway?"

You still don't get it, do you? We are enthusiastic supporters of THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE to have an abortion. Or TO CHOOSE NOT to have an abortion. The key word is CHOICE! My choice for me, your choice for you. Pretty simple, actually.

Mary E. said...

But you don't support choice. Choice is a euphemism for abortion.
No one has the right to kill another person just like no one has a right to steal from or rape a person.

Anonymous said...

This is a different "Anonymous"...

Yes. You are absolutely correct that no one has the right to kill, steal from, or rape another person. We are absolutely in agreement with each other on this point.

The problem arises, however, when you say that "human life" begins at conception, and we do not. We do not equate a fetus to be equal to the woman who is hosting said fetus.

You say that it is “scientific fact that a live human being exists at conception”. If you have found unbiased (this is important, as I am sure that you can find plenty of anti-choice, pro-life scientists and “scientists” who make this claim), scientific consensus to this fact, I would be fascinated to see it. The whole point about the issue of when “human life” begins is that there is not consensus on this topic – not scientific consensus, not philosophical consensus, not religious consensus.

Thus, while it is 100% okay for someone to say "I believe that 'human life' beings at conception, and thus, I do not want to terminate a pregnancy even if I do not wish to be pregnant/do not wish to have a child", it is not okay for that person to impose their belief (recall, belief, not fact) on other people.

We really do support choice. The choice to do what a woman wants with her body, without people and politicians pressuring and bullying her in a very stressful period of her life. That choice can be to continue with a pregnancy or to terminate it. But when the right to terminate a pregnancy is under so much attack, we must thus defend that side of the choice. No one is stopping women from continuing with a pregnancy; thus, little needs to be done to continue that side of the choice.

We 100% want safe abortions to be all of the abortions that happen. The whole point of having abortion be legal is so that abortions are safe, not back-alley affairs. When is abortion is illegal, it does not stop women from getting them; it only forces them to get unsafe abortions from which many women unfortunately die. We do not want people pressured into having abortions who are unsure of their choices, just like we do not want people pressured out of having abortions when they are sure of their choices. But when the right to an abortion is under such attack, it necessitates a defense of that right.

Anonymous said...

A continuation...

Have you read the book "This Common Secret" by Susan Wicklund? I am sure that the tagline "My Journey as an Abortion Doctor" will immediately turn you off of this book, but I would encourage you to look at it with an open mind and consider (if you can handle it) reading it. I think that you would be impressed with this doctor. She has spent her entire life fighting for women to have safe, legal access to abortion, and to be informed and sure in their choices about abortion. She worked to create a clinic where she could be sure that women were getting all of the information and counseling that they needed, and if there was ever a woman who was at all unsure about the abortion that she had come into have, she was turned away.

As much as I would like to assume good faith in you, I'd say there is about a 90% chance that you won't read this book and will just chalk it up to pro-choice propaganda and if anything positive at all, just the exception rather than the rule. But where do you hear your stories about the evil "abortion industry"? Can you step back from the disagreement that we have about killing babies and think if the information that has been presented to you about the "abortion industry" has been unbiased? Or has it come from sources trying to turn you against it? No medical procedure, no matter how simple, is perfect. How do you know that the stories of things going wrong are not the exception, rather than the rule, as you make them out to be? Live birth pregnancy has as much as a 14 times greater risk of death than does legal, safe abortion (ref:, and others).

However you might try to spin it, we truly are supporters of choice. I am sorry that you feel the need to villify us.

Anonymous said...

No, choice is not just a euphemism for abortion. We support choice. What we don't support is forcing someone into a situation they don't want. You shouldn't be forced to get an abortion against your will. You shouldn't be forced to be sterilized against your will. You shouldn't be forced to be pregnant against your will. You should be able to be supported no matter what you choose. In fact, my support of contraceptives and sex education actually is better at lowering the abortion rate than just putting restrictions up. Look at abortion rates for Finland, where they have these things. Then look at Brazil, where they don't and the country is heavily Catholic. I am pro-choice because I am pro- women being in charge of their reproductive futures. I am not pro-choice because I want everyone to have abortions all day long.

No one has the right to use my body against my will. If they did, anytime someone who was a match needed my blood or my kidney or my liver, they could get it. As a society, we have decided that bodily autonomy is a basic right that supersedes keeping someone else alive. Even if we agreed that a fetus has the full rights as a person (which we don't), that is where your arguments of rights breaks down.

Alise said...

You information is amusing

Jess said...

its our right. and we deside what to do in this case

Anonymous said...

The prior anonymous commentor may be completely unaware that the abortion lobby and the big abortion corporation Planned Parenthood really aren't interested in ensuring that women have a choice to have an abortion, or to NOT have an abortion (and carry a pregnancy to term). It may simply never have occurred to the commentor that PP et al lose a "sale" - make no $ - when a woman skips abortion. Sure, any business can regret a missed sale...but PP and the abortion lobby-trade group NARAL-Pro-Choice Washington et al haven't merely been uninterested in helping women who wanted to choose NON-abortion, haven't merely regretted some missed abortion sales, but have actually demonstrated major intolerance of volunteers who join together to offer women free support in caarying out a non-abortion choice (parenting or arranging adoption). THAT's what I find so blatantly insincere about PP and NARAL and the like. The prior commentor probably simply isn't aware of this and naively thinks she or he is somehow promoting women's rights. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Anonymous said...

And examples of intolerance by PP, NARAL and the like include how they've gone to the state legislature for the past 2 years to try and get the machinery of the government to shut down pregnancy help centers like CareNet whose volunteers and small dollar/item donors from communities, neighborhoods, schools, and churches support the NON-abortion choice of thousands of women and teens. PP et al try to smear the good work done by volunteers and donors - smear under the guise of pretending medically inaccurate info is being given at these help centers. Another example of why PP et al showing themselves as contemptible liars when they claim they're for women's "choice" is how they always aggressively oppose anything that might discourage a woman from "choosing" abortion, like any law that would require that a parent be told, or that a woman be offered the opportunity to see/hear an ultrasound of the embryo or fetus pre-abortion, or be given photos and/or a description of the embryo/fetus pre-abortion, or that she be given information about available support should she be interested in adoption or parenting insted of abortion, or that she be screened before abortion to be sure she's not actually being coerced into it when it's really not her choice. PP and NARAL and the like ROUTINELY go to court to sue to prevent all of these things and demand that all Democrat would-be office-holders toe the line 100% with them, or else there'll be severe penalties from the Dem leadership like lousy committee assignments, non-advancement of your legislation, no $ or organizational help in your election/re-election, etc. This is the kind of thing that happens all over and surely worse in this state. After all, there is just a handful of pro-life Dems of the 147 state legislators here - and the Dems significantly outnumber the Repubs.