Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Woman attempts to kill newborn; Planned Parenthood kills thousands daily with full backing of law and government

Sad story that shows the schizophrenia of our culture and laws.


Luckily it looks like the baby boy will survive.


Beyond-The-Spectrum said...

I have an idea...let's outlaw all forms of birth control and all abortions, and let's see if Conservatives will line up to adopt all of the resulting babies! Better yet, let THEM address how to take care of these babies WITHOUT taxes, a government-sponsored program, or some other publicly-funded program. Let me guess...the free market will take care of them...!

Mary E. said...

It seems to me we do have a free-market. An unborn child us simply property or a commodity to be bought or sold. Women and men today can pay to have their child killed or it's body parts sold for scientific experiments. Though its not a completely free market since it us heavily subsidized and promoted (i.e. advertised) by the government.
The same can be said about contraception that turns a woman into a commodity, in "it", a purely sexual object to be used and discarded. It's no wonder that sex slavery and calls for legalizing prostitution are on the rise.
Perhaps you can see how abortion and contraception are very closely tied to our curently operating capitalistic/free market system.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, the Pres. of Us is talking about taking "fat" children away from their parents who are letting them get fat...so how about letting all the babies that are not aborted go with those children for care. Where ever that may be...he is obviously able to pay for that.

However, I think the US needs to change a few rules to adoption and make it easier and not so extremely expensive for people to adopt..I would adopt more if I were not under a magnifying lens! I believe to an extent they do have ridgid rules to keep kids free but it is extreme...

Pamella said...

there is something to think about