Monday, August 01, 2011

UW Continues its Attack on Women While Acknowledging Negative Effects of Contraceptives

This article was recently sent to us by a close friend of AIW:

As she put it, "Amazing that the Times reported on the pill essentially being responsible for HIV deaths."

However, we note the following statement of affirmation for contraception that seems to be de rigueur for all MSM articles dealing with contraception, "The researchers said the findings need to be confirmed in follow-up studies, and should not cause women to immediately change birth control practices."

What the?! Women are dying and putting themselves and others at risk because of OCs and Depo-Provera shots and researchers don't want anyone to do anything drastic like ditching the very thing that's killing them.

The study was conducted by the UW (a hotbed of pro-abortion and anti-woman experimentation) in seven African countries - Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania and South Africa.

It's a tragedy that Americans are invading these counties to experiment on their people and using them for their own ideological ends Have Americans become the new Nazis?

The researchers also showed their anti-child bias by blaming children for maternal mortality and poverty: "The increased risk of HIV infection also must be balanced against the consequences of unintended pregnancy, which in Africa can include maternal mortality and financial squalor, they explained."

So instead of sending food or health care overseas we send contraceptives that don't fill any real human need. There is clearly an agenda at work.

Another horrific statement came from UW researcher Dr. Jared Baeten, "Contraception is incredibly important to economic and social development of women and children worldwide".

Why does this doctor believe that women can't contribute to society or the economy of a nation unless they deny the very thing that makes them a woman? Researchers at the UW are advocating that a woman's body and the natural gift of fertility must be denied thru chemical or mechanical means so that each women becomes an object, an "it". I wonder if Dr. Baeten understands that this effectively puts women at war with their bodies and that his promotion of contraceptives puts him on the attack against women.

It was also reported this week that NIH sent more than $90 million in taxpayer-funded grants to China.

And you guessed it, some of it was for HIV research involving women working in prostitution. The US isn't trying to end prostitution just make it "safe".

No wonder people are hoping the country declares bankruptcy so that maybe the funding of these terrible crimes will end.

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