Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Contraceptive pushers and Big Pharma continue to lie about safety of contraceptives

I got this unusual piece of spam last night. It read:
Severe Side Effects of YAZ Yasmin and Ocella
Important Lawsuit Info
Birth Control Injury Alert!

I knew there were ongoing lawsuits against these pill makers but decided to do a search to see what was up.

Searching on these terms given in the email provides a plethora of legal websites offering help.

I discovered at one site that at least 50 women had died from using these pills. I was most interested to learn that Bayer was reprimanded by the FDA for false and misleading advertising; the same thing manufacturers of Plan B were reprimanded for.

Read more for yourself here:

Seems like all these people can do is lie to women to make a buck. I wonder if they figure in the cost of lawsuits when they price these drugs.

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