Saturday, August 13, 2011

Seattle Clinic Defense Snoozes through August Protest

The pro-abortion, anti-woman group Seattle Clinic Defense slept through their August protest today after the Helpers of God's Precious Infants got an early 7:00 am start.

Here's a report from the Helpers:
"Our vigil went really well. Peaceful and Prayerful. About 10 minutes
before we finished the protestors showed up and as they began to line up with all their signs etc. we began walking back. I think we really took
them by surprise but I am sure they will look at it as victory for them.
There was about 17 of us and 12 of our regulars weren't there so we were really pleased with the Helpers turn out. I can imagine what they will say on their web site but we loved having a very peaceful and prayerful vigil. Besides that is what we are all about. Fox TV showed up ready to film us as we were getting in our cars and was very surprised that we had just finished so he went down in front of PP and filmed them. That's what they want anyway. I am sure that they called them."

It's too bad the SCD couldn't find a better way to use their time and energy, rather than helping the abortion industry to prey on women and children. Hopefully some if them will wake up before they hurt too many people.

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