Wednesday, March 22, 2006

30 Years is Enough

France has stricter abortion laws than Washingonton but even France is fed up.

Unlike Washington where any time for any reason is the rule, terminations in France may be performed only before the end of the tenth week of pregnancy

You can even go to jail for "incit[ing] others to pregnancy terminations" and advertising abortion services.
Article L. 647. Any persons who by any means whatsoever have incited others to pregnancy terminations, even if the latter are legal and even if no actual abortions are performed as a result of such incitement, shall be sentenced to two months' to two years' imprisonment and/or a fine of between 2,000 and 20,000 F, without prejudice to the provision of Article 60 of the Penal code.

The same penalties shall be imposed on any persons who, by any media whatsoever, other than publications restricted to physicians and pharmacists, have disseminated propaganda or publicity concerning either establishments in which pregnancy terminations are performed or medicaments, products, and objects or methods intended to procure, or presented as being of such a nature as to procure, an abortion.

Why aren't all those Seattle liberals who love France so much demanding we change our abortion laws to be more like France.


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Mary E. said...

The phrase "incite to abortion" is so apt, especially here in Washington where the DOH, aboriton centers and politicians all sing the praises of abortion. No wonder there are so many abortions.