Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pro-abortion Rep. Rodney Tom of Medina Switches Parties

Pro-abortion Bellevue republican switches parties to run for senate.

According to public disclosure records, Mr. Tom (R) State Representative donated $100 to WA-NARAL last year.

One memorable quote from the article: "In the old days if you were a businessman you were a Republican," he said. But as the district changed, he said, the Republican Party has gotten more conservative and come under control of what he says is the "far right."

Oh, really?

You mean under the control of "far right" pro-abortion republicans like these:
Jennifer Dunn (Wish List member)
Ralph Munroe (Honorary Board Member of Planned Parenthood of Western Washington)
Dan Evans (Promoter of Referendum 20 and legalized abortion in Washington state)
Slade Gordton (Promoter of Referendum 20 and legalized abortion in Washington state)
Bill Finkbiner (Member of Mainstream Republicans)
Doug Sutherland, Commissioner of Public Lands (Member of Mainstream Republicans)
Sam Reed, Secretary of State (Member of Mainstream Republicans)
Etc., etc. etc...

Now that Mr. Tom has moved to the (D) column, Mainstream Republicans will need to take his name off the list of Board Members and Sponsors, but I suppose there are no philosophical reasons they can't still collaborate.

Here's the so-called Mainstream Republicans statement of "principle" on the life issues:

We value life and seek to protect it - We should not attempt to legislate a definition of life.

If you don't know what life is how are you going to defend it? Sounds like the answer from the Mainstream Republicans is -- you don't.

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Anonymous said...

Well said, Mary. There's an interesting debate about the switch over at Sound Politics. The RINOs are explaining that it is ok to criticize him now that he's a Democrat, but it wasn't ok when he was a Republican. Even though the way he votes probably won't change much.