Tuesday, March 14, 2006

News and Views

---According to the Mercer Island Reporter, Mercer Island Abortionist Dr. Charles Flake was was charged with having improper relationships with patients by the Washington state Department of Health (DOH). Mercer Island was an abortion destination prior to Washington's passing of Referendum 20.

---This came to my in-box yesterday from a close friend: "Please storm heaven – a young woman is being pressured by her parents to have an abortion. She really wants to give life to the baby outside the womb, but wants to please her parents. I do not have a name, but God knows who she is. PLEASE pray…thank you and God Bless Please pray for her."

---A pair of twins and their mom were saved from abortion a few weeks ago at the Cedar River Clinic thanks to dedicated pro-lifers who pray outside the abortion center there. The twins were 4 months gestation at the time of their scheduled abortion.

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