Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Planned Parenthood Marches On

Planned Parenthood (PP) is aggressively directing people to contact the State Board of Pharmacy and the Governor to not allow pharmacists the right to exercise their conscience. They are attempting to pressure the governor and the Pharmacy Board to force pharmacists of the state to fill all prescriptions -- including those for the "morning after pill" or Emergency Contraception (a.k.a. EC or Plan B).

Here's a few of the problems even if you don't have a problem with abortion, abortifacients, believe that EC is truly contraception, or just think pharmacists should give people any drug that's legal:

  • Anyone in Washington can get a prescription for emergency contraception (EC) WITHOUT a doctor's prescritption. Basically, a person in Washington state self-prescribes MAP by filling out a brief form at the pharmacy. That would include sex offenders to give to their victims. (One local abortion center is recommending that women have a packet of Plan B on hand at home, "just in case". What would prevent molesters and rapists from keeping a stock of them?)
  • Teenagers of any age have easy and immediate access to EC. What would stop the school districts from giving it out in the nurses office or in one of their "school based health clinics?" Will boyfriends be pressuring their girlfriends to go get it?
  • We know coersion and intimidation have long been a part of what keeps the abortion clinics humming along. A NTY article just this week highlighted this fact.
  • If we get the "comprehensive sex education" that PP keeps pressuring the legislature to pass, every teenage boy in the state will know about Plan B and how easy it is to get.
  • Teenagers can get these prescriptions without the knowledge of their parents. In fact, thanks to Olympia, doctors and medical professionals are legally bound NOT to tell parents when their children get birth control, abortion, EC, and any other "reproductive health" services.
  • In countries where MAP is easily and widely available, promiscuity among teenagers has increased, STDs have skyrocketed especially among teenagers. Abortion rates have also increased. But isn't abortion and the treatment of STDs part of PP's business for which they receive lots of federal, state and county money? Emegency Contraception might be more accurately described as a "gateway drug" to STD treatment medicines, anti-biotics, RU-486 (chemical abortion), and old-fashioned surgical abortion.
  • Apparently, Olympia in all their wisdon approved the distribution of Plan B without a doctor's prescription. The pharmacist just has to grab it from behind the shelf. Some of the pharmacists like the arrangement because it makes them "feel like doctors."
  • Planned Parenthood stands to make oodles of bucks off of this -- approximately $20 per pack. PP of Western Washington was an initial equity investor in the Women's Capital Corporation (WCC) to develop and distribute Plan B. After it's approval by the FDA, WCC, including the patents to Plan B, was bought by Barr Laboratries. (Who knows how much PPWW made off that buy out?) Now, PP has a sweetheart deal from Barr Laboratories to buy Plan B at bargain basement prices. Ya think they might have a financial interest in getting this drug into the hands of as many people as possible despite the problems with it?
  • Before their purchase by Barr, WCC ran an advertising campaign in the Seattle area which received a warning letter from the FDA for its false and misleading information.
  • How are women, girls, parents, and people who would encourage the use of Plan B, going to know the risk if they haven’t consulted with a doctor and the advertising has been faulty and negligent?

    Now we know why Patty Murray, the senior senator from Planned Parenthood, has been teaming up with Hillary Clinton to beat up on the FDA for not approving OTC sales of Plan B.

    PP is presenting their case for why pharmacists should blindly and silently hand over a pack of Emergency Contraception to anyone who asks for it, at a public meeting before the Pharmacy Board this Friday, March 10th at 12:00 noon:

  • CenterPoint Corporate Park Creekside Bldg. #3,
    2nd floor
    20435 72nd Ave
    Kent, WA 98032

    The public is welcome to attend.

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