Monday, March 13, 2006

Reagan Wing's Doug Parris Advises Pharmacy Board

Doug Parris of the Reagan Wing presented the following thoughtful and sobering commentary to the Pharmacy Board last week during their open forum discussion of the proposed Conscience Clause and attempts by Planned Parenthood to force every Washington pharmacist into prescribing the Plan B "morning-after-pill".

Comments to State Pharmacy Board, Friday 3/10/2006

I’m the statewide President of the Reagan Wing of the Republican Party, the Washington State affiliate of the largest Republican organization in America. In speaking to a government bureaucracy in a Democrat Administration I don’t expect to find a lot of philosophical agreement. [reactions of smiles and laughter from the panel]

I don’t expect you to understand or agree about the role of the philosophy of Margaret Sanger in founding the Culture of Abortion and Contraception or to see the connection between it and the ravages of that culture; the explosion of sexual promiscuity and the resultant breakup of the family that has disproportionately afflicted blacks and the poor.

I don’t expect you to agree or understand that it is a culture of poverty and parallels an explosion of sexual disease. And since it directly attacks our morality, America’s Judeo Christian foundation, it has also resulted in the explosion of sexual assault and sexual predators. But I don’t expect you to understand that. [reactions of frowns and grimaces from the panel]

But you need to understand the role of Margaret Sanger’s philosophy of eugenics in the process of German Socialism in the ‘30s, because in advocating this regulation Planned Parenthood has crossed a very significant line. They are seeking to compel and constrain the actions of private citizens and private businesses. These people have a RIGHT not to prescribe these drugs because this is a FREE COUNTRY. Or is it?

Planned Parenthood and their allies can no longer claim to be the advocates of CHOICE because they seek to constrain the choices of others. They are CLEARLY, UNEQUIVOCLY, and OBVIOUSLY the advocates of DEATH. [reactions of shock and discomfort from the panel] [30 seconds remaining yellow flag]

But you do not need to agree with me on the philosophy of Life. This proposal is an assault on American freedom… [please conclude red flag]

This is not China, this is not Russia, this is not even Germany; in implementing this “little” tyranny you are abrogating American ECONOMIC FREEDOM and a tradition that goes back well over 200 years. And in doing this you will meet a kind of resistance you did not anticipate.

Best of luck.
[laughter from the audience]

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