Sunday, March 26, 2006

Is Your Pharamacist in Partnership with Planned Parenthood?

You can search by zip code, area code or city and state to find out which pharmacies in your area carry the abortifacient Plan B. (I suggest copying and pasting the list into a Word document on your computer in case this search feature is removed in the future.)

The reason this drug is in your local pharmacy is because the Washington State Pharmacy Association partnered with Planned Parenthood of Western Washington and other pro-abortion groups in 1997 to help them market and distribute the drug without a prescription from a doctor.

Teens hear and read about this drug from advertising campaigns put out by Planned Parenthood. They then go to the pharmacist or Planned Parenthood where, after answering a few questions and signing a consent form, they are given the drug.

Pharmacists have been instructed that per Washington state law they MUST give Plan B to any woman or girl who requests it and they may NOT tell parents if their minor children request the drug. They have also been instructed to refer any teen or woman who requests this drug to a "family planning clinic", i.e. Planned Parenthood, where she can be put on oral contraceptives or informed about the availability of abortion in the event her pregnancy continues.

Why do our pharmacists, "health experts", and the people running the State Department of Health think they can love our children better we can?


Anonymous said...

This is so sad, Mary. I have checked out the pharmacies in our area and plan to write to the Costco one, which is the one that I use.

The pharmacists, by being a silent partner in giving minors emergency contraception will be held accountable . . . you watch, there will be a law suit and pharmacists will decide it is not worth the risk. Of course, the main accountability is from Our Merciful God - would that the pharmacists would know His Love and realize that to harm a child in this way is wrong.

Blessings -

Mary E. said...

Yes. The law suits will come just as they have started to come with abortion, and "the patch". Maybe that's the only way to change anything in the society any more -- there has to be a financial interest rather than a concern for the public good.