Friday, September 08, 2006

Born in Lies

A recent news item from Argentina shows the abortion lobby there is using the same tactic -- namely lying -- the abortion lobby used in the United States to legalize and normalize abortion there.

In one of the best editorials detailing some of their biggest whoppers and how they managed to accomplish their goal with the willingness of some very educated if perhaps naive people (supreme court justices, politicians, lawyers, and sadly some in the church), National Review said this on the 25th anniversary of Roe:
The abortion regime was born in lies. In Britain (and in California, pre-Roe), the abortion lobby deceptively promoted legal revisions to allow "therapeutic" abortions and then defined every abortion as "therapeutic." The abortion lobby lied about Jane Roe, claiming her pregnancy resulted from a gang rape. It lied about the number of back-alley abortions. (Argentina's health minister is now using this same lie in 2006.) Justice Blackmun relied on fictitious history to argue, in Roe, that abortion had never been a common law crime.

The abortion regime is also sustained by lies...This movement cannot speak the truth.
We know at least one of our readers who prefers scripture references to back-up our commentary. See John 8:44.

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