Wednesday, September 13, 2006

McGavick's Gains Against Cantwell Evaporate

A new poll by Rasmussen Reports finds pro-abortion Sen. Maria Cantwell now leads Republican challenger Mike McGavick 52% to 35%.

McGavick had been touting this virtual dead-head against Cantwell on his web site and in fund-raising letters, which incidentally seem to be arriving at my house every week now.

One error in Life News' report says, "McGavick backs legal abortion but supports some pro-life laws." The fact is McGavick has not named one pro-life law he would support. I've asked his campaign if he would support the current bill to suspend the sale of RU-486 (a bill that if passed would be very helpful to women in Washington state) and they have refused to answer.

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Anonymous said...

McGavick is plain and simply not pro-life. To back legal abortion - heck, any abortion is to be pro-abortion. Although I dislike Ms. Cantwell, McGavick is truly no better.