Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Win. Finally.

Anyone who is listening closely to the fight over forcing pharmacists to become participants in the America's abortion industry, understands that it is an anti-Christian and specifically anti-Catholic enterprise. Judge Jeanne E. Scott has now allowed for the lawsuit filed by the Illinois pharmacists who were fired after refusing to distribute the abortifacient Plan B that sometimes acts as a contraceptive to proceed to trial.
In a 28-page opinion, issued on September 6th, Judge Jeanne E. Scott said that the pharmacists’ allegations, if proven at trial, “may establish that the object of the Rule [morning-after-pill mandate] is to target pharmacists, such as the Plaintiffs, who have religious objections to Emergency Contraceptives, for the purpose of forcing them either to compromise their religious beliefs or to leave the practice of pharmacy."


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Anonymous said...

Judge Jeanne E. Scott has some common sense - a good thing to have when sitting on the Court.

Thanks for this update - I will be looking forward to hearing more.

Blessings -