Thursday, September 07, 2006

Women First Responds to Seattle Times

Dear Editor--
Regarding your article concerning pregnancy centers (8/18/06), there are a number of published studies supporting the hypothesis that a link exists between induced abortions and breast cancer. Although these findings may be disputed by some, the National Cancer Institute did in fact publish the results of a 1994 study by Dr. Janet Darling of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center citing just this link.

Why would anyone object to making these findings available to women who are considering abortion?

Don’t medical clinics have a responsibility to inform patients of all risk factors before recommending or performing a medical procedure? Don’t women have the right to choose for themselves whether they are willing to trade their current situation for another more insidious one down the road?

Finally, don’t medical researchers have an obligation to interview representative samplings of women in the course of their studies? I wonder how many women from the Silent No More Awareness Campaign would agree that post-abortion psychological stresses are of a no more severe nature or duration than those following a birth.

Demanding that pregnancy centers filter information and tow a party line serves only to endanger women and deny them their right to true choice.

Djana Milton
Women First
Djana Milton is the co-founders of Women First, a Pierce County group formed to promote dialogue about issues facing women, particularly expectant mothers.

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Anonymous said...

you GO Djana!!! Great letter - thanks for posting, Mary E.