Saturday, September 16, 2006

WA State Medical Association to Meet; Euthanasia, MAP on the Agenda

The Washington State Medical Association is meeting this weekend in Spokane for their Annual Meeting. One of our embedded reporters there has alerted us to the fact that two items on the agenda for the WSMA are: Euthanasia and Plan B (the abortifacient drug that sometimes acts as a contraceptive.)

In the ultimate irony, the person putting forward a resolution asking the WSMA to take a neutral stance on euthanasia is long time assisted suicide and abortion supporter, William O. Robertson the founder of and current Medical Director for the state's Poison Control Center. He is also a long-time supporter of Washington's Hemlock Society strategically renamed Compassion and Choices of Washington (CCW).

It's also been reported that the "William O. Robertson" Patient Safety Award, named after Dr. Robertson, will be awarded to a lucky recipient this weekend.

It appears that Dr. Robertson has already made some progress toward normalizing assisted suicide among the medical profession here just by virtue of the fact that they've managed to stack the organization with like-minded doctors and form their own "coalition" within the WSMA. The WSMA's "End of Life Consensus Coalition" includes Dr. Robertson and Robb Miller of the Washington state Hemlock Society (now CCW) on the Steering Committee. (I suppose it's easier to claim you've got a consensus when everyone on your steering committee already agrees with you.) The chairman of the steering committee is Stuart Farber, MD who recieved a $250,000 grant from George Soros's pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia group Open Society Institute.

Another of our correspondents mentioned to us that they had spoken to Dr. Robinson in the course of calling Poison Control and he seemed like such a "friendly, caring, elderly gentleman." It's eerily similar to the abortion lobby and the grandfatherly abortionists they always put up as the paragon of caring and compassion. It's deja vu all over again in Washington state.


Anonymous said...

Question...if you commit suicide, any life insurance is null and void - no pay off. If you have assisted suicide, is life insurance also null and void?

Oh yah - that George Soros guy - just cause you got money and tons of it does not mean that you have any intelligence!

Mary E. said...

Good question.
Yes, it seems like some of the richest people got short changed in the intelligence department.