Saturday, September 30, 2006


There's so many things wrong with this web site produced by Planned Parenthood of Southwest Oregon but we'll just leave you with a few excerpts. The first is from their "Love Letter" to a 12th grader from his parents.

Dear Kevin,

You're growing into a handsome, bright, and sexy young man....

We know that you are as amazed (and probably confused) about your emerging sexuality as we sometimes are. It's difficult to accept you as a "sexy young man" - and frankly, hard to ignore. As you go through the process of understanding yourself as a sexual person, please think about the beliefs and values we have shared with you over the years. We hope you will consider them carefully.

Next, in case you want to get a jump start on the indoctrination Planned Parenthood has in store for them at one of our state-sponsored schools, they give some recommendations for talking shop with your three year old. Yes, you read correctly -- a three year old.

Q. What happened to my penis?
A. You never had one. Only a boy has a penis. A girl has a clitoris.
Q. Can I see where the baby came out of you?
A. The baby came out through an opening between my legs called the vagina. I prefer not to show you my vagina because it's a private part of my body. Would you like to look at a book on how babies are born?

The repeated theme to parents throughout the site is: You needn't worry about telling "too much, too soon." Children absorb what they are ready to, and are not overstimulated, encouraged, or whatever by more detail. The real danger lies in "too little, too late."

Finally, they do mention something Planned Parenthood does know an awful lot about:
Studies suggest that 1 out of every 4 children in this country experiences some form of sexual victimization before age 17; 15% - 20% are boys. Contrary to the early warnings of our own parents the typical child molester is not the stranger who entices children with candy. The majority of sexual abusers are adult heterosexual males who are rarely strangers. In fact, 70-80% are known to the child - and often are relatives.


Anonymous said...

This stuff sounds like it could have been written by Congressman Mark Foley to a House page!

Mary E. said...

Yes indeed!
My 3-year old is interested in trains, cranes, and dump-trucks. The last thing he needs or wants is mom and dad surfing "teenwire" with him. Goodness gracious people.