Thursday, January 24, 2008

Abortion Lobby's Next Strategy?

Every once in awhile I'll read something that seems important. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. Either way I thought I'd pass this one along to you and you can decide if it means anything.

First I read this in a news story about --
Montana NARAL calls the measure "an attempt to redefine when life begins and take away women’s ability to make private medical decisions."

The group says that pro-life advocates support the measure because Montana’s constitution "contains greater protections" for abortion than the U.S. Constitution.

(emphasis mine)

Then I remembered something the "adamantly pro-choice" Alex Hays of the Washington Mainstream Republicans said on David Postman's blog when discussing judicial elections--

No reasonable basis exists for injecting abortion into a debate about state judicial elections...and I hope we can keep it that way. The Washington State Constitution contains the strong protections for privacy rights -- an important fact I learned from Justice Jim Johnson.

(emphasis mine)

I've heard it repeated elsewhere that the Washington state constitution has "greater protection for privacy" than the U.S. Constitution.

What these statements seem to be saying to me is that with abortion regulation being thrown back to the states, the abortion lobby and their friends are beginning to make the argument that state constitutions forbid any regulation of abortion.

Is this a strategy to try and build a wall around the "right to abortion" at the state level?


chimakuni said...

Could very well be, Mary. The pro-aborts are concerned that the right to abortion - the right to kill the most defenseless among us will be snatched away from them at the federal level.

If they would use a fraction of the funds they get from the tax payers to help women in times of crisis due to a pregnancy, what a great amount of good there would be.

Killing - no matter who sanctions it - the state or the feds - still is killing.

Michelle McIntyre said...

Dino Rossi is going to have to address this in his campaign. There is no getting around it. It is increasingly becoming a focus for the states to deal with. Georgia and Colorado are both working toward Human Life Amendments to their Constitution. We are going to have to address the idea of a "right" to abortion in this state.

I'm working on my county's platform committee. One of the members wisely stated, "when candidates don't address the issue of abortion, they leave a void for the opposition to fill. The opposition will fill that void with the idea that the said candidate "wants to jail women who have abortion" and other such crazy notions.

chimakuni said...

Michelle - Father Frank Pavone has a good article this day on exactly what you are writing about - the scare tactics of the opposition to life - you can get it through Priests for Life.

blessings -