Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Republicans Walk Out of Hearing -- Democrats Reject Federal Funding


January 23, 2008

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Republicans Walk Out of Hearing - Democrats Reject Federal Funding

HB 2698 was to be heard today in the House Health Care Committee. Republicans walked out of the room since there was no possibility for modifying the bill or for testimony on both sides of the issue.

HB 2698 effectively rejects $814,633 of federal funds. Why turn back funds to assist in an important part of the “comprehensive” Sex Education message?

Last year, Democratic legislators assured abstinence education providers that abstinence would be a “major” emphasis for all programs. This year, those same prime sponsoring legislators are sponsoring legislation that will allow the DOH to not apply for funds to teach the teens in Washington State the benefits of abstinence.

According to LeAnna Benn , Director of Teen-Aid and abstinence educator, “The legislators are unfairly focusing on teen pregnancy when teens have the lowest rate of pregnancy in 65 years. Instead of focusing on out of wedlock pregnancies and state funded abortions which cost the taxpayers millions, legislators are using 1980’s logic to beat up on non-voting teens.”

The original legislation intended to disperse these dollars to qualified local abstinence providers. According to the federal funding source, Administration for Children and Youth, this can still be done even with a comprehensive sex education mandate in place.

It is time to ask, “Why can’t abstinence funding be used to teach the abstinence portion of the “comprehensive” sex education message?”

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chimakuni said...

Abstinence funding for a comprehensive sexual education package?

NOPE!!! That threatens the pro-aborts pocket books. Abortion is what is the money maker - the birth control apparatus is a drop in the bucket - the REAL money comes from abortions. So - if we even talk about abstinence to a young person (or even an older person) and they think it through themselves and practice abstinence, there is no chance for an abortion.

Planned "Parent"hood just cannot abide by that. They NEED the money - blood money, that is.