Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Washington Ranks 15th Worst in Protecting Life

Americans United for Life has come out with their state rankings for protecting life.

Washington ranks as the 36th "Most Pro-Life State", which translates to 15th worst.

Their evaluation criteria can be found here (.pdf).

One error I noticed in their assessment of Washington is the following: Only a physician licensed in Washington may perform an abortion.

This is not true. Former Attorney General Christine Gregoire (now governor) in January 2004 signed off on an opinion stating that Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners may, "when consistent with his or her professional license, lawfully furnish or prescribe a drug to a woman for the purpose of inducing an abortion where the drug may lawfully be prescribed and the woman seeks to terminate her pregnancy before the fetus is viable or for the purpose of preserving the woman’s life or health."

The general protocol for administering a chemical-medical abortion (RU-486) is to give the woman the drug and send her home, or at least somewhere away from the "clinic," to wait for her dead child, blood and placenta to fall from inside her.

I thought legalized abortion was going to put abortion in the hands of caring, loving professionals not quacks who ply their wicked trade then leave the scene of the crime.

The fallout from this decision is two-fold: Chemical abortion is on the rise in the state as are the complications and, the door has been opened to other "medical" professionals performing these abortions, either voluntarily or through state coercion, as we saw with the anti-conscience actions of the state Board of Pharmacy.

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