Saturday, January 26, 2008

Crowd Estimates for Olympia March for Life 2008

Anti-abortion rally draws 2,500 people, protesters

Or is it...

The Washington State Patrol estimated there were 4,500 people in the crowd. Sgt. Larry Bradeen said 3,000 people can fit on the steps between the Legislative Building’s pillars: Tuesday’s crowd bulged beyond the pillars and spilled off the stairs and into the street.

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chimakuni said...

WE WERE THERE!!! I cannot understand the under-reporting of this event in the Washington State newspapers nor the indifference of our fellow Washingtonians.

The four or five pro-abort streakers - they were there too. They streaked across the capitol lawn and the police did not so much as bat an eye.

We had children with us - the pro-aborts had no regard for our children . . . instead they chose to disrespect us and the little ones by indecent exposure (and believe me - it was not a pretty site)

And to what end? Did the media report their childish behavior? Nope - not that I have read - did the police arrest them? Nope...

WE WERE THERE! We are growing larger and stronger in our opposition to this halocaust.
The pro-aborts have to lower themselves to this type of behavior because their argument is nonsense and child-like. I WANT to - so I WILL!

WE WERE THERE and we will continue to be there until this holocaust is no more.