Saturday, January 12, 2008

Goodbye to Kathy McEntee, Founder and President of March for Life Washington

Dear Friends of Life,
Kathy McEntee, founder and president, March for Life of Washington, died this afternoon (Jan.12) around 3 PM. After suffering a massive stroke, she never regained consciousness. They removed life support after tests showed all brain activity had ceased.

Please remember her and her husband, Dick, their children, grandchildren, and extended family in your prayers.

Please also pray that her efforts for the cause of life will continue, and hopefully soon they will achieve the success for which Kathy and so many others like her, have strived for years to achieve, with little support, often facing ridicule and hardship for their efforts. But she, no doubt, would say that it was worth it, for the cause of God's little ones.

I believe she received quite a welcome home today:

"Well done, good and faithful servant!"

Rest in peace, Kathy. You've earned it, dear!



Anonymous said...

Kathy McEntee worked from selfless motive and saw with deeper vision.

Learning of her stroke I responded to the requests with prayer. Learning of her glorious passing I felt a similarity to the feelings about the passing of Ronald Reagan I tried to express in "The Call of the Reagan Wing," originally published shortly following his death in June, 2004.

Allow me to paraphrase from some of what I wrote then…

They are now, literally, sharing together what our President gave us as a vision in 1984, the Shining City on a Hill. We will go there to them though they will never come hither again. Shouldn’t knowing this have eased my grief?

Instead, we remain behind, though assailed by the insidious force of pervasive perversion and the power of lies.
There is no greater honor we can do to the memory of the great than to pick up their sword where they fell, to continue to wield it in the fight for the principles they stood for.

To renew our Party and our nation.

To return to the faith that is the foundation of our freedom.

It is the intervention of the Almighty in the affairs of our Nation upon which we must now depend.

chimakuni said...

May the soul of Kathy McEntee Rest In Peace - Eternal Rest grant unto her, O Lord...

Our newest intercessor, Kathy will be working hard to see that this year, 2008 is the LAST YEAR of the March for Life.

Thank you, Kathy for all you did...

Unknown said...

God bless Kathy McEntee! One of the greatest women I have had the privilege and pleasure of knowing. What an example to me in my high school years... and a great inspiration to join the fight for life! Masses and Rosaries for you and your family Kathy... and always a place in my heartfelt memory.

Steve Sanborn

Founder of Crossroads Prolife
Director of Development, Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation