Monday, January 14, 2008

Local Clergy Promote State Imposed Morality

Coming on the heels of Pope Benedict's statement that moral relativism is at 'emergency' levels, this "guest columnist" piece, entitled Denial of Contraception is Immoral, appeared in the Seattle Times.

The "emergency" to which the Holy Father referred was the growth of relativism. Young people, he said, find it difficult to develop "firm certainties and criteria upon which to build their lives." This failure of moral guidance, the Pope said, threatens "the very basis of coexistence and the future of society."

Well, duh. When you have a bunch of no-nothings like Catherine Fransson and Jamal Rahman basically promoting the idea that one's personal opinion is to be the final arbiter for right and wrong, you are going to have confused people making bad, harmful decisions.

What is truly frightening about this group of "clergy" is that they take it one step further and actually push for the legislation of morality. It's a twisted morality but it is nonetheless a demand that the State, through the force of law, make others conform to their opinion about morality.

Fr. Frank Schuster makes this point in a response in a letter to the editor:

By way of analogy: Are we ready to give government greater power to tell clerics what we can teach our people and what we can't? What if the state told all faith communities to hand out literature some of us fundamentally disagreed with? I don't know of many clerics who would like the state to go down that road.
Amen, Father.

They don't say it in the article but these two "clergy" are undoubtedly part of Planned Parenthood's posse of "religious leaders" who will do their bidding on an as needed basis.

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