Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hike 4 Life: January 19th to January 22

The ‘Hike4Life' is a pro-life pilgrimage which will take place from January 19, to January 22, 2008. Ten to fifteen people of various ages will walk and drive to twelve abortion facilities between Bremerton and Olympia, culminating at the Washington State March for Life rally.

Along the way, we will be quietly praying to God in reparation for the outrageous sin of abortion, in supplication for our pre-born brothers and sisters who have no voice and for all those involved in abortion in any way. We do not seek to provoke controversy, shout slogans or carry graphic signs. Willing to step out in faith, we are simply Christians, dedicated to the proposition that all human life is sacred. Called by name to be witnesses for the unborn, we are answering that call from our Lord.

Following, are the cities where we will be praying during the Hike4Life 2008:

Saturday, January 19, 2008 ~ Bremerton, Silverdale, Seattle
Planned Parenthood, Bremerton
Planned Parenthood, Silverdale Way
Seattle Medical Clinic, Seattle
Aurora Medical Services, Seattle
Planned Parenthood, Seattle

Sunday, January 20 ~ Renton, Kent, Federal Way
Cedar River Late-term Abortion Facility, Renton
Planned Parenthood of Kent Valley, Kent
Planned Parenthood of Federal Way, Federal Way

Monday, January 21 ~ Tacoma
All Women’s Health Clinic, Tacoma
Planned Parenthood, Tacoma, Tacoma
Advanced Women’s Health Clinic, Tacoma

Tuesday, January 22 ~ Olympia
Planned Parenthood of Olympia, Olympia

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chimakuni said...

Please pray for the prayer pilgrims, for their safety and for their familes that they will be away from.

Join us if you wish, if not in person, then in prayer.