Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jay Inslee Continues to Lie about Abortion Funding in Health Care Bills

The following letter was sent to a constituent of Rep. Jay Inslee (D) of Washington's 1st congressional district in response to a request to stop goverment funded child killing in the health care proposals before Congress.

Rep. Inslee and his wife are rabid and enthusiastic supporters of abortion. He has a 100% pro-abortion voing score from NARAL, he was honred this year's "Power of Choice" luncheon, and has basically never met an abortion he didn't like.

His wife Trudi Inslee is a volunteer and board member for NARAL Washington. It seems as though she can't do enough to promote abortion.

Here it is--

September 23, 2009


Thank you for contacting me to express you concerns regarding H.R. 3200 and the use of taxpayer funds for controversial medical procedures, specifically under the public health insurance option. I appreciate hearing from you.

You may be interested to know that, with my support, an amendment to H.R. 3200 was passed during the Energy and Commerce Committee markup of the bill that would prohibit the availability of public funds for elective abortions within the proposed public health insurance option. According to the Congressional Research Service, under this amendment, introduced by Rep. Capps, enrollees in the proposed public option would be required to pay for such reproductive health services with private funds, specifically those collected as premiums from the patient. Additionally, the affordability credits offered under the plan, granted to those who qualify based on a low household income, could not be used to pay for abortion services. This amendment also impacts the Health Insurance Exchanges established by H.R. 3200, through which individuals could purchase their own health care. , the qualified health benefits plans offered through an exchange would be required to provide certain basic services, of which abortion is not included. Under the Capps Amendment, each exchange would be required to include one plan that does not provide coverage of elective abortions.

There are strong beliefs on both sides of the abortion debate that deserve respect. As you know, however, the United States Supreme Court determined in 1973 with Roe v. Wade that a woman's right of choice is protected by the U.S. Constitution. The court ruled that this decision should be left up to the judgment of a woman in consultation with her doctor, her family, her conscience and her religious beliefs. I believe that the Roe v. Wade decision must be preserved and respected. As Congress moves to reform the health care system in the country, I believe it is important that the choices that are currently available to women not be eliminated. Women can currently select insurance plans that provide for the coverage of abortion, and maintaining this choice as a result of reform should not be equated to government funding of abortion services.

As you know, since the Roe v. Wade decision Congress has attached provisions to federal funding bills for the Department of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, known as the Hyde Amendment, to prohibit federal funding from paying for abortions. The first such amendment was attached to the FY1977 Departments of Labor and Health, Education, and Welfare Appropriation Act, with the intent of restricting the use of appropriated funds to pay for abortion through the Medicaid program. In the context of the ongoing health care reform debate, I would like you to know that the restrictions put in place by the Hyde amendment will apply to any expansion of existing health care programs, such as Medicaid.

Please continue to contact me about the issues that concern you, as I both need and welcome your thoughts and ideas. Because security measures in the House cause delays in receiving postal mail, I encourage you to contact me by telephone, by fax, or through my website at For more information on my activities in Congress, and for information on services that my office can provide, please visit my website at If you would like to subscribe to my email updates, please visit

Very truly yours,

Member of Congress

DISCLAIMER I cannot guarantee the integrity of the text of this letter if it was not sent to you directly from my Congressional Email Account: If you have any questions about the validity of this message, please email me at: or call my Washington, DC office at: 202-225-6311. If you would like to be removed from my email update list, please email me your name and address at: and type "REMOVE" in the subject line.

Rep. Inslee already tried these lines on AIW a few weeks ago.

However, he did get one thing right--the Disclaimer: Jay Inslee cannot guarantee the integrity of this letter.

Do ya really think Jay Inslee would support a health care bill that didn't include government funded abortion?

Please can we get this man thrown out of office at the next election?

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