Friday, September 04, 2009

Lynnwood Park Named After Abortionist

If you're driving around Lynnwood near 196th Street and Highway 99, you'll come across an appealing stretch of greenery with the valuable sounding name of "Gold Park". Most passers by would think nothing of it. But some original research by AIW has revealed that this park is in fact named after one of the Seattle area's first abortionists.

The park is named after Dr. Morris Gold, and his wife Barbara, who used to own and operate an abortion clinic on that site throughout the 1970s. The clinic was not publicly advertised as an abortion mill. Instead, it was promoted as a pioneering childbirth clinic. It's not known how late-term the abortions they did were, but it is believed that second-trimester babies were executed in their clinic.

They even promoted their "abortion services" as far away as Calgary, Alberta, taking well-healed abortion tourists from Canada.

We're still researching details about the clinic, but it seems Dr. Gold "was ordered not to perform abortions under certain circumstances", and "freely prescribed diet pills to people who did not need them."

So why is a city park named after such an odious individual? We contacted Lynwood city council-member and mayoral candidate Lisa Utter about this issue. Ms. Utter was non-committal in terms of renaming the park, but after doing some research, she told us that the city of Lynnwood's Purchase and Sales agreement for the property had several conditions among them, including a requirement that "the name 'Gold' will be a part of the park's name for 99 years following the sale."

She also noted that while the city does have a policy regarding the naming of parks, "in my memory we have not changed the name of a park, and I don't believe we currently have a policy for that. Which means we would first have to go through developing a policy if one were proposed."

We consider it unconscionable that a city park should be named after an abortionist and will be pursuing this issue. Return back for updates on this topic.


chimakuni said...

ummmmm - - aren't parks where children usually go and play???

Anonymous said...

Abortion is legal. Women own their bodies; men do not. Catholics are all over the abortion issue...death penalty, Iraq war, not so much.
So much for their pro-life stance.

Anonymous said...

Abortion was created by judicial activism and it's NOT about 'women's' rights but taking away baby's rights. Where better to expect protection than in the womb and yet the 'law' out of whole cloth allowed women to play God and take that life. If you don't believe life was created in the womb, then you don't understand biology. Abortion is murder; period.

You're way off the mark comparing apples to oranges with the death penalty or Iraq. Those are determined by verdicts and authority given by Congress.