Friday, September 18, 2009

Planned Parenthood to stay out of Pasco for now; Children safe to enjoy corn maze

From our Pasco correspondent:

The Pasco City Planning Commission met this evening (Thursday Sept. 17, 2009) to vote on the special permit request to locate a Planned Parenthood facility adjacent to Mark Twain Elementary. Since the last meeting Planned Parenthood has offered to place a 6-ft high brick wall separating the clinic (where abortions could potentially be performed) from the elementary school.

After much deliberation at the on how to present the vote to the city council, the commission voted 3 to 2 to recommend denial of the permit to Planned Parenthood. The denial recommendation now goes to the city council. During the meeting the director of the City Economic Development, David White stated to planning commission the "staff" are in favor of approving the permit.

After the meeting Planned Parenthood advised a television reporter they were going to appeal the decision. I learned their appeal will be presented to the City Council along with the decision by the commission. The next city council meeting is scheduled for October 5th, but the appeal process could run into early November.

It is very important that the Pasco Community keep up the momentum we have gained in the past two months to oppose the special permit by calling the city planning commissioner, their councilmen/women, and by prayers during the coming 40 days campaign. It is important to note that the permit appeal process begins at almost the very same time the 40 days for Life campaign begins.

The Tri-City Herald has published their version of events and also announced the pleasant news that the planning commission did approve a request for a corn maze. The children of Pasco will be safe from the perverts at Planned Parenthood for another few months.


Anonymous said...

lucky pasco, never know when one of those abortionists might dart out and shoot an 8 year old in the head.

oh, wait, it is anti-choice people who do the shooting.

Anonymous said...

Umm... not up on your current events Mr. Anonymous? The nut job that recently shot two people in Michigan claimed he did so because of their pro-life views.