Saturday, September 19, 2009

Planned Parenthood of Central Washington Dealt Another Blow: Kept Out of New Walla Walla Health Center

Just a day before being told to stay away from Pasco's schoolchildren, Planned Parenthood of Central Washington (PPCW) is whining again because someone else in Eastern Washington has had the guts to stand up to them and their cult of death and fraud and tell them to stay away from our children's schools.

This time it's a new health center in Walla Walla, called the Lincoln Health Center, next door to Lincoln Alternative High School. Owned by Providence St. Mary Medical Center, the health center terminated it's on-site partnership with PPCW last Thursday.

"We're not going to hand out little paper bags with condoms or have a fish bowl in the lobby where you can scoop and run," said Stan Ledington, board president of the new health center. "We don't want to be known as the place to get contraceptives, but as the place to get health care. Physical, mental, emotional care."


Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion industry in the country, and advocate and legal bully of completely unregulated abortion on demand at taxpayers' expense, still has a clinic three blocks away, which they claim doesn't do abortions. Critics argue that they provide abortion clinic referrals and biased and dishonest pregnancy counselling.

On PPCW's facebook page, they predictably complain that "thanks to religious doctrine, Planned Parenthood will not be providing much needed, no cost services to teens at the Lincoln Health Center in Walla Walla." The only services the teens will be missing will be "drive-by" contraception dispensers.


Anonymous said...
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DK said...

Given all the Planned Parenthood scandals around the country, they're beginning to look like ACORN sucking up our tax dollars. People are tired of it!