Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Seattle Abortionist Turns Up at Legit Practice, Tries to Bury Past from Patients

Pregnant patients of one of Sound Family Medicine's newest doctors may be horrified to find out that she was recently moonlighting at Western Washington's only chain of late term abortion clinics without her regular employer's knowledge.

Julie Komarow, MD, was until recently an abortionist at Cedar River Clinics. Her "day job" was working at Covington Primary Care. But she recently quit Covington and is working full time for Sound Family Medicine, a division of Good Samaritan.

We tried to contact Dr. Komarow for an interview, to find out why she left Cedar River, and to ask, for example, if she got tired of tearing 23 week old babies apart limb from limb, or drowning them alive with saline solution, which burns them alive from the inside out. Her assistant confirmed that she was no longer doing abortions and passed on our request for an interview.

Rather than getting a call from Dr. Komarow, or someone from Sound Family, we later received a call from an individual who identified himself as Peter, who said he worked for Cedar River Clinics, also known as the Feminist Women's Health Center.

He said he didn't know any details, but was just following the instructions he received "in an email" to call us up and decline the interview. He didn't indicate why, if Dr. Komarow wasn't working there anymore, he was returning my call.

Attempts to call back Peter's number have been unsuccessful, as the number has been recently delisted.

We then contacted Komarow's previous employer, Covington Primary Care, where she was working while she was also doing abortions at Cedar River. We spoke with Paul Larson, Senior Vice President (Clinic Services), Valley Medical Center. Mr. Larson was audibly angry to discover that Komarow had been moonlighting as an abortionist, and insisted that they had no knowledge of this, and would not have condoned it.

We then attempted to contact her current employer, Sound Family Medicine, which is a "doctor-owned" medical facility. She has an extensive bio on the SFM website, including details on the car she drives, and her pet llamas, but no mention at all of her past as an abortionist. We wanted to find out if Sound Family was aware of her past when they hired her, and if they thought patients who trusted her to deliver and care for their babies would be angered to find out that she had recently been dismembering and killing similar babies.

Emails to SFM management and colleagues went unanswered. The SFM website lists no administration number, so we called the business office hoping to get in touch with the appropriate individual. Initially they misunderstood the nature of our inquiry and told us that while SFM didn't do abortions -- which is good -- they referred clients to Planned Parenthood, despite that organization's well documented abuse of numerous laws and ethical regulations requiring informed consent and rape reporting, not to mention their extremist and radical hostility to any and all regulations of the abortion industry.

After clarifying the nature of our inquiry, we were met with an incredibly rude and hostile "supervisor" who told us that she refused to give out the telephone contact information for any doctors or administrators. "Look them up in the phonebook," she snapped.

We will keep our readers updated on any further developments in this story. We applaud Dr. Komarow for leaving abortion behind, but it's important to note that usually only a personal encounter with the God of All Comfort is sufficient to deal with the guilt that comes with an honest assessment of what you have done. Trying to run and hide isn't a lasting solution.


DK said...

Great work, Jonathan. Gee, is she perhaps ashamed? Let's hope she is and she refuses to ever do abortions again.

chimakuni said...

I am praying that Dr. Komarow had a change of heart and repented from her work as an abortionist.

There have been many who have moved away from performing abortions, Dr. Bernard Nathanson comes to mind.

I, a sinner, have moved on from my abortion and I pray that the readers will pray for Dr. Komarow and encourage her in her new practice as a physician who embraces rather than destroys life.

Sometimes the past is indeed the past...