Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update on Julie Komarow Story

A couple of posts ago we told you about Dr. Julie Komarow, the ex-abortionist who used to moonlight at Cedar River Clinics (aka Feminist Women's Health Center) without the knowledge of her employer, Covington Primary Care, and who has now reportedly stopped doing abortions and is just working as a ob/gyn at Sound Family Medicine. We called on Dr. Komarow to disclose her past as a killer of unborn children to her current patients.

We also left out a very important piece of information regarding Dr. Komarow. She was one of a handful of Washington State physicians who added their names to a letter from "doctors" to Congress in 2003 taking the extreme position that Congress should not ban the outrageous and despicable abortion procedure known as partial-birth abortion.

The abortion procedure involves delivering a live baby feet-first all the way until its head is still inside the mother's womb, then puncturing the base of the skull with something sharp (presumably surgical scissors, but presumably a pocket knife would suffice), and then sucking out the baby's brains with a vacuum. At this point the baby is dead, and its skull can be crushed, and the baby dumped into the garbage.

Dr. Komarow's letter predicted calamity should she and her colleagues not be allowed to do this anymore:

"The outcome of its passage would undoubtedly be countless deaths and irreversible damage to thousands of women and families. We can safely assert that without D&E and D&X ... we will be returning to the days when an unwanted pregnancy led women to death through illegal and unsafe procedures, self-inflected abortions, uncontrollable infections and suicide.

The cadre of physicians who provide abortions should be honored, not vilified. They are heroes..."

The bill has been law for a number of years now. To the best of our knowledge, Dr. Komarow's predictions have been proven completely wrong.

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