Saturday, September 19, 2009

Virginia Mason Gynecologist Conceals Abortion Career From Patients

Do Dr. Nancy Tipton's clients know about her double life as an abortionist for the only chain of abortion clinics in Washington State that does abortions right up to the end of the 5th month of pregnancy?

Dr. Tipton's only public medical practice is with Virginia Mason, as a gynecologist. Her website gives current or prospective patients no insight whatsoever about her involvenment in the abortion industry.

But if you look at Cedar River Clinics' 990 tax form for 2002, you find that she pulled down $155,080, working 40 hours/week (aka, full time).

The next year, she cut back her hours at Cedar River to 4 days a week, and "only" made $103,925.

In 2004, she was still working 4 days a week, but pulled in just $67,895. Perhaps she moved out of second trimester abortions and was focussing more on the marginally less barbaric first trimester abortions.

Dr. Tipton doesn't appear on any 990s after that, but since those forms only require documentation of employees making more than $50,000/year, it's possible she was still working there. Indeed, if you run a google search of Cedar River's Yakima address, Dr. Tipton still shows up.

As with so many abortionists in the area, a little research shows that they've made the rounds at most of the abortion clinics on our I-5 corridor. Back in the early 90s, Dr. Tipton was the Medical Director for Planned Parenthood of Seattle-King County. Planned Parenthood is the largest chain of abortion clinics in the country. As medical director, she would have been deeply involved in abortion.

Ironically, in that 1992 Seattle Times piece, she is quoted praising the morning-after pill, claiming widespread availability would cut abortion rates in half.
"This is my favorite subject!" she announces. "This is one of the most underutilized treatments in reproductive medicine today. Post-coital pills can cut unplanned pregnancies in half." And that means fewer abortions.
Well, Planned Parenthood of Western Washington (PPWW) has been selling over 100,000 units of this drug every year since 2004, and has made millions of dollars in the process because of a special pricing arrangement with Barr Labs. What about the abortion rate? In 2007 they did 50% more abortions than in 2004!

In other words, Dr. Tipton's words have been completely discredited.

(Two years ago we asked PPWW's spokesman Brian Cutler about this, though not in the context of Dr. Tipton. His response was: "Does it really matter?")

Tax returns from the now defunct Aradia abortion clinic in downtown Seattle show Dr. Tipton as having been on their payroll for a time. Interestingly, her file at (plus numerous other similar websites) shows her as still working there, even though it went out of business a few years ago. Ironically, the phone number on that page is the Cedar River Clinics number.

We attempted on several occasions to speak with Dr. Tipton. The farthest we could get was her office manager, who claimed neither she nor anyone in the office had any knowledge of her involvement in abortion. She said that Dr. Tipton would call us back if she was interested in talking about her experience as an abortionist. We have not received any calls.

This story goes to underline the fact that regardless what activists and political hacks might say about the supposed moral case for abortion and its legalization, if you try to talk to those individuals who actually do the dismembering and executing of the babies, they want to run and hide as fast as they can. They know exactly what abortion is, and they don't want to talk about it.

Put another way, on career-day at their kids' school (if they have living kids), are people like Nancy Tipton going to be giving a presentation with a photo of an aborted baby, describing in detail to a packed auditorium what 'Mommy' does for a living?

Not on your life.


Anonymous said...
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Ms. Very Stupid said...

Dr. Tipton is a WONDERFUL doctor. She just performed a surgery on me in December and I am thankful for her. It wasn't an abortion, but she is still a great doc. Listen, ABORTION IS LEGAL! I understand you might disagree, but abortion is a legal procedure! Instead of spending time worrying about another woman's body, children using drugs, children in foster care, children who are abused by their parents, children who are homeless, children who won't eat tonight or children failing in school, etc. Why is it that people focus on abortion, yet do NOTHING for the kids who make it here? How do you rationalize your inactivity in helping kids who actually made it? How many shelters for kids have you profiled on your site? How many have you volunteered with? How many have you financially helped? YET, you find it perfectly fine to spend time attacking a doctor performing a legal procedure! Ridiculous! Go help some kids! Go make a difference by helping a woman who is pregnant and in need! Stop going after the result and go after the problem!

Unknown said...

I had Dr. Nancy Tipton for a Gyn. It was 1981 & 82, my first and second daughters via the UW hospital. She didn't attend either birth, which is common especially in a learning hospital. I had had an abortion when I was 18, was extremely self conscious about having to mention it to Dr. Tipton the first time I was asked for my history. To this day, am about to turn 55, I regret taking my own childs life like that, when the poor little darlin did nothing to deserve such an undignified end to a life that barely started. That was the worst thing about being pregnant with each of my four now grown kids; the realization of what
I did to my first.