Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Planned Parenthood Hiring Unlicensed, Illegal Nurses?

Just as Congress is trying to end federal funding to Planned Parenthood across the nation comes revelations that the Planned Parenthood affiliate in Central Washington has apparently been hiring unlicensed nurses.

This is the same Planned Parenthood which we exposed for having tried to force a teenager into an abortion, and then trying to stop a police officer from rescuing her by citing fictional laws.

In the course of reviewing other police reports involving this organization, we found one case where a large supply of fentanyl, a regulated pain narcotics used to reduce the physical pain during a first-trimester abortion, had gone missing from a locked cabinet. The police were called and an investigation conducted. During the course of the investigation most of the nursing staff at Planned Parenthood Kennewick were questioned, all of them being suspects originally.

We checked state medical licenses for each of the nurses listed and found two individuals in particular who did not have a nursing license at that time, yet were (at least according to what they told police) working as registered nurses for Planned Parenthood.

The first woman was Alma Madrigal. This incident occurred in 2005. She is listed with the Department of Health as having first been issued a "Health Care Assistant Certification", the lowest form of nursing certification, in 2007. It has since expired. But she had no license in 2005, although the police report says she had been working there for four years prior.

The second woman is originally identified as Lorena Sajardo, but later as Lorena Fajardo. The computer security logs have her name as Fajardo. No-one with the last name Sajardo is listed as ever having had a medical license of any sort in the state of Washington, or even with slight variations on that name. There is one individual in the state license database with last name Fajardo, first name starting with 'L', but her name is Lalaine Fajardo, and she was 16 years old in 2005, only receiving a Nursing Assistant Certification in 2010!

Readers who are wondering how something like this could get through the DOH's annual inspection regimen, the answer is that there is NO inspection regimen. When we asked the DOH two months ago about how abortion clinics are regulated, we learned that they are not. And there is no pro-active inspection regime. The system in our state is based entirely on complaints! "Complaints are taken very seriously", we were told.

So we filed a complaint. The first time we were told there was not enough information. Then we attached a copy of the police report showing their names clearly listed by the investigating police officer, identified as "RNs @ Planned Parenthood". It's unlikely the officer misspelled the names since they were actual suspects in a crime.

This time the DOH told us that their reason for turning a blind eye to violations by their friends at Planned Parenthood was that too much time had passed. Apparently it wasn't even worth their time to pick up a phone and get a listing of all staff on payroll so they could run them through for a quick license check.

We contacted PPCW spokeswoman Gina Popovic for comment or explanation on these allegations. Ms. Popovic, who has in the past tried to pass herself off as a grassroots pro-lifer in order to do "opposition research", has thus far declined to comment.

The abortion industry may be used to getting away with all sorts of criminality because of their ideological sympathizers in the health and legal bureaucracy, but as the Kermit Gosnell scandal in Philadelphia showed, sooner or later these 'favors' to the abortion industry blow up in their face, and end up with ambulances, like we saw at Planned Parenthood Everett, body bags, criminal charges, and firings.

It would be nice if Washington State's health regulators did their jobs before we hear the next sirens.


DK said...

I get the impression that the DOH thinks it's unethical to do its job when it comes to Planned Parenthood or any abortion facility. The DOH is protecting Planned Parenthood instead of women and children.

Pauline Donnelly said...

I commend the author of this piece for exposing, once again, how PP is totally unregulated. This organization isn't helping women, it's committing crimes against women, enabled by the state.

I did want to clarify a few things. It sounds like these women were not unlicensed nurses but not nurses at all. It sounds like they were representing themselves as nurses and perhaps practicing nursing without a license.

Nursing assistants, aides, health care workers, patient care techs, certified or not, are all terms for a job classification that is NOT the same as a nurse, let alone the "lowest form of nursing certification".

Registered Nurses must study 2-4 years to sit for their nursing boards. Once they graduate from a nursing school or college and pass their boards, they are then permitted to place "RN" after their names. They then become licensed in the state in which they passed their boards.

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), AKA Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) go to school for a shorter period of time, but are permitted to perform many, but not all, duties that RNS do.

Both of these types of nurses are called "nurses" and are licensed by the state in which they passed their boards. Their licenses can be suspended or revoked for various reasons.

Thanks for keeping the spotlight on these terrible violations of nursing and medical practice!

In truth,

Pauline Donnelly, RN, BSN, MTPT, CTN