Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hundreds of Washingtonian Pro-Lifers Storm Olympia (Again) to Demand Democracy

Hundreds of pro-lifers are converging at this very minute on Olympia. They're attending the Senate's first hearing on SB5274, the "More Dead Babies Act", to testify and to make their opposition clear.

We are there too.

One thing we'll be doing is looking for answers to various questions, such as:
  • Will pregnancy center supporters outnumber the abortion industry 10:1 like they did at the House Health Committee hearing on their equivalent bill last week?
  • Will the rules as to who will get to testify and how long be kept secret up to the last minute like House Health Committee Chair Elieen "Waist Up" Cody did last week? (Ms. Cody is rated "strongly" pro-abortion by NARAL.)
  • Will Democrats have a secret backdoor entrance for their friends in the abortion lobby, and a special room reserved for their abortion bosses, like radical homosexual Rep Marko Liias (who represents suburban Lynnwood) did last week? Hundreds of pro-lifers waited hours, standing in hallways, only to see the abortion contingent turn up at the last minute, and be escorted by Rep. Liias to their own room. Rep. Liias has not responded to our requests for comment.
  • Will the seating in the hearing room be rigged by the Democrats to artificially 'balance' supporters and opponents 50:50 even if the bill's opponents actually massively outnumber abortion insiders, completely ignoring who arrived first, like Rep. Cody and Liias did last week?
  • Will the text of the bill be suddenly switched at the last minute from what the public has been able to see and respond to, to new language the public has not had access to, just prior to voting, as has been rumored?
  • Will the abortion lobby continue to spew the slander and lies about what this bill would actually do which we have completely discredited on this blog in recent days?
  • Will bill backers be humiliated again by withering testimony about the completely unprecedented and vicious penalties outlined in the bill for such offenses as having a sign in the wrong font size, or not having literature translated into Swahili?
  • Will the Senate Democrats, like Ed Murray and Craig Pridemore, admit they were wrong to put their names on this terrible bill, whose equivalent in Baltimore was just struck down as patently unconstitutional?
  • Will Senate Health Committee Chair Karen Keiser be the Hosni Mubarack of Washington politics, as half a million supporters of pro-life pregnancy centers who have quietly stood on the sidelines rise up in outrage at what the legislative branch of Planned Parenthood (also known as the Washington Democratic Party) is doing?
One thing is for sure. You'll find the answers right here.

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Anonymous said...

Does the Baltimore court decision apply in any way here?

"A federal judge in Maryland has struck down a law which required pro-life pregnancy centers to post announcements that they do not refer clients for abortions or birth control."