Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pence Amendment to Defund Planned Parenthood Includes Washington PPs By Name

While Washingtonians watch in shock as their leftist state politicians go on an ideological bender, on the Congressional front, they are as close as they have ever been to seeing Planned Parenthood stripped of federal funding.

Indiana Congressman Mike Pence has an amendment to the federal budget that would prohibit tax dollars going to the country's largest abortion chain.

The legislation this time is different from previous Pence efforts. It is amendment number 11 to "House Resolution 1", the Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government.

His previous bills to strip Planned Parenthood of its access to over $300 million of taxpayers' money have focused specifically on Title X, the Family Planning budget. But as we have researched and reported, PP has pivoted in recent years to get most of its revenue from Title XIX, or Medicaid.

In laymans' terms, PP is getting most of its money as insurance reimbursements for services provided, not annual block grants.

Amendment 11 does not specify any government program or how the money is used or talk about types of organizations. It just flat-out lists 102 Planned Parenthood affiliates by name and says no money authorized under the bill -- the whole federal budget -- shall go to these organizations for any reason.

Washington State has four PP affiliates, but two main ones: Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest (PPGN), and PP of Greater Washington (PPGW). PPGN is second on Pence's list. PPGW features later on. The smaller affiliates and political organizations are also specified.

We have filed public records requests and discovered that PP affiliates of Washington receive $20-$30 million of taxpayers' money every year, most of it from the federal treasury, which, as you may have heard, is $14 trillion in debt.

PP is constantly reorganizing its affiliates and reincorporating new organizations. Some experts have speculated that they will immediately reincorporate under new names and skirt this new law, which is up for a vote today or tomorrow, and has a very good chance of becoming law.

Ironically, if the bill passes, the abortion industry will be getting what they have always said they want (but never actually meant): Getting the government out of abortion.


Ramona Reeves Stumpf said...

Excellent post. It's shocking to read how much Federal money goes to Washington's abortion providers alone; imagine the full cost to taxpayers across the nation. It's time that Planned Parenthood started supporting itself.

Anonymous said...

Family planning MUST be made part of our health and world security agenda. Vote No for Pence amendment re: family planning

The planet's sustainability is at stake now due to unplanned births.
Due to U.S. support for family planning, more than 26 million women in the poorest countries in the world are able to delay or prevent pregnancy.

The UN estimates that 201 million women have no family planning resulting 52 million unwanted pregnancies, 22 million abortions and 1.4 million infant deaths annually. That is more than double the number of deaths per year during World War II! Let this be in the conscience of congressmen

Bangladesh calculated that each $62 of government spending on family planning would save $615 in other social services. Free family planning education and services included requirements such as passing family-planning exams before obtaining a marriage license. The 11 million deaths that take place yearly due to hunger worldwide would be prevented if we did not have such overwhelming overpopulation problem that is exhausting all natural resources

Prof Fenner and the National Academy of Sciences:

Jonathan B said...

Prof. Ehrlich, is that you?

Anonymous said...

Prof Fenner makes a good case for family planning, but lets not get sidetracked. The Pence amendment defunds Planned Parenthood because it provides abortions...i.e. killing the unborn. If PP only provided womens' health care services there would be no need for a Pence amendment. Government support allows PP to stay in the abortion business. Defund PP or let them get out of the abortion business. Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for abortions!

William Hillman

The Kel said...

Wow...another conservative moron. Shocker.

Get your facts straight. 97% of the services PP provides is for cancer screening, women's health, MEN'S health and pregnancy PREVENTION. The 3% that DOES go to abortion services isn't funded by the government AT ALL.

When we work as a sick-care society instead of a preventive-care society, we cost all of our citizens more money.

Use your heads and leave the government OUT of my doctor's office.