Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Planned Parenthood Partners with Nation's Illegal Sex Trade

We received this news item last week that Planned Parenthood was running scared after learning they were part of another sting operation by Lila Rose's Live Action.

Today, Live Action released a transcript and video from the first abortion clinic in the series, this one in New Jersey. The details are sickening.

As reported in the CBS News article, "In each case, according to Planned Parenthood, the man sought to speak confidentially with a clinic employee and then requested information regarding health services for sex workers, including some who he said were minors and in the U.S. illegally."

As Jill Stanek reports:
The sting:

Joe” is the sex trafficking pimp and “Gia” is his bottom girl. They manage several very young girls, ages 14 and 15, in their prostitution ring, some of whom are Asian illegals who don’t speak English.

In the video the clinic manager of PP Central New Jersey’s Perth Amboy mill, LPN Amy Woodruff, tells “Joe” and “Gia” how to get abortions, STD treatment, and contraceptives for their brothel of adolescents as young as 14, some here illegally.

Woodruff coaches the pair on how to have the younger girls lie about their age. She gives them the name of a mill that is apparently schlockier than hers, Metropolitan Medical Associates, that will do abortions with fewer questions asked.

The most awful part of the video, IMO, is Woodruff’s cavalier business advice when asked what can the girls do during the 2 weeks after their abortion when they can’t have sex?

Woodruff: Yeah, um, waist up.

Pimp: Waist up?

Woodruff: Waist up, or just be that extra action walking by. Because then they’re at more risk for infection, and you don’t want to do that….

“Waist up”? That line will live in infamy.

Go watch the whole thing here.

AIW readers will be interested to know that that at least one of Planned Parenthood's Washington facilities was apparently caught up in the sting. (Calls to Live Action to confirm this were not returned at press time.) And we know that Seattle is a hub for sex trafficing of minors and adults. Has anyone bothered to ask where the victims are being taken for abortions? We may have the answer.

It appears that Planned Parenthood can't stand to lose a single dollar, so they don't turn away anyone, despite the sickening canard that they're interested in women's rights. But it's worse than that, as you can see in the video. The clinic manager glibly jokes with the erstwhile pimp and conspires with him on how to best exploit his girls.

Now you would expect Washington state legislators, law enforcement agencies, and health regulators to jump up and take notice, and to open investigations into Planned Parenthood affiliates in our state, where it has one of its strongest state presences.

Actually, not so much.

If you want to know the kind of video that gets the Washington State Democratic Party seriously geared up for action, drafting legislation, you'd have to watch this video of testimony before the Health and Wellness Committee.

Women testifying complained that the a crisis pregnancy center volunteer "asked many of same questions that were on the form she had already completed" instead of telling her the results of her pregnancy test! She was asked what she "did for a living" and what the father did for a living! She was also asked how she felt about abortion!

She also complained that they wouldn't give her a written copy of her test results so she could sign up for state benefits.

The volunteer counselors showed an active, concerned interest in the woman's life, her circumstances, and wanted to help her make a decision she would not regret, and maybe to help her turn her life around.

This is how you make a Washington State Democrat angry.

Rather than investigate Planned Parenthood, rather than inspect their facilities, rather than suspend millions in Medicaid payments to them, rather than stopping meeting with them regularly to set state health policy, rather than reconsider contracts that put Planned Parenthood staff in state health offices, our state legislators let the abortionists write legislation designed to shut down their pro-life competition (House Bill 1366)!

Let's just review this so we're completely clear. Planned Parenthood gladly partners with pimps engaged in illegal, underage sex trafficking to cover up the abuse of minors and immigrants. Pro-life pregnancy centers are spending 'too much time' showing genuine interest in poor and potentially exploited women and girls. And the Democrat legislature is trying to shut the pregnancy centers down on behalf of Planned Parenthood.

AIW, along with Lila Rose, calls on AG Rob McKenna and the state legislature to immediately suspend all payments to Planned Parentood and to begin an immediate investigation into the state's abortion facilities to determine how deeply involved our state is aiding the exploitation of women and children.

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