Monday, February 07, 2011

More Republicans Speak out Against HB1366 and SB5274

UPDATE Feb. 8, 11:31 am
30th District: State Representative Katrina Asay (R) says that "she opposes HB1366"
State Representative Mark Miloscia (D): No response.

In this post we featured Rep. Paul Harris (R) of Vancouver and his opposition to HB 1366.

We've identified more public statements from other Republicans.

Randi Becker says "I Oppose Pregnancy Resource Center Bill".
Val Stevens, on video, "My opinion on Senate Bill 5274, Crisis Pregnancy Centers".

Where do your senator and representatives, Democrat or Republican, stand on HB1366 and SB 5274? Contact them and let us know so we can post their position.

Update 11:24 am: Linda Evans Parlette mentions the many people who came out to the hearing on SB 5274 but doesn't mention where she stands on it.


Jonathan B said...

Christine, great work contacting your rep's. Can you share with us what district you're in and the names of your rep's?

Shel said...

I've urged my representatives to oppose these bills, but feel it falls on deaf ears as I unfortunately live in district 41 with two pro-death democrats and one pro-death republican. My prayers are still focused on the defeat of these two heinous pieces of legislation when our state is in most desperate need of answers to our economic problems not an avalanche of new ones...unless, of course, the state is looking for the PRCs to bail them out of the deficit we're in by paying for all the court and lawyer fees bound to surface.

Mary E. said...

Shel-- Can you get them on record with a Yes or No and get back to us so we can post exactly what they said? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am in the 30th District. State Representative Katrina Asay (R) sent me a very nice letter, saying that she opposes HB1366. I have had no response from State Representative Mark Miloscia (D).

I have not had a response from Senator Tracy Eide (D) regarding SB5274 either. I know she received my email in which I requested a response because she or one of her employees took the liberty of placing me on her email list.

Mary E. said...

Thanks Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Mark Miloscia emailed me, saying that he will be opposing HB 1366.