Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pence Amendment Passes, Reichert Supports, McDermott Makes Fool of Himself

Washington Democrat
"Baghdad" Jim McDermott
The Pence Amendment to end federal funding to Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country (for the remainder of the 2011 fiscal year) passed Friday by a vote of 240-185.

All eyes are watching what happens in the Senate, which is still under Democrat control, but where numerous Democrat Senators from Republican states are up for re-election in 2012. If this amendment becomes federal law, it will have a dramatic impact on Washington State.

The passage of the amendment in the House was a truly historic moment for those who have fought to end the annual distribution of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to the nation's largest single killer of human beings, and most controversial organization.

For Washington's State's Congressional delegation, the vote split across party lines: Republicans Doc Hastings and Cathy (McMorris) Rodgers from the eastern part of the state voted for it, in addition to freshman Jaime (Herrera) Beutler, and Western Washington Republican Dave Reichert. Reichert's vote was not a surprise -- he has voted for previous versions of the Pence Amendment -- but ever since the famed Sheriff voted to let Terry Schiavo be killed, pro-lifers have never considered him to be a sure thing when it comes to voting on issues that the lunatic fringe abortion bloc west of the Cascades might consider sacramental.

Democrats all lined up to support their abortion industry masters, including Norm Dicks, the misnamed Adam Smith, Jay-I-have-never-seen-abortion-I-didn't-like-Inslee, Rick Larsen, and "Baghdad Jim" McDermott. Interestingly, McDermott was the only Washington Congressman to speak to the issue during the debate from either side.

The abject idiocy of his comments are truly noteworthy. One of McDermott's themes was that the Republicans should "get out of the doctor's office, and leave women, and families, and the doctor alone".

Um, Jimbo, this is exactly what this amendment did. It got the government out of hundreds, if not thousands, of "doctor's" offices around the country. The federal government, via the distribution and regulation of taxpayers money, will no longer be involved in the sex lives and reproductive decisions in any of the medical clinics operated by the 102 Planned Parenthood affiliates named in the amendment.

The government won't be involved in aborting babies, nor will it be involved in examining women's breasts, nor asking them what form of contraception they are or not using, or selling them condoms or birth control pills, or examining their most intimate areas via pap smears.

There will now be perhaps a thousand medical clinics where the federal government will truly have exited the doctor's office, and will have left women alone with their doctor (though, in fact, when it comes to abortion, it is almost never the woman's doctor, but usually a nameless, faceless, circuit-rider abortionist like Elizabeth Bianchi, sometimes from another state, who lines up a days worth of women like slabs of meat with their legs in stirrups.)

Then McDermott claimed, without any self-evident irony, that this $350 million budget cut was a distraction from the task of cutting the deficit and balancing the budget!

It's stunning that McDermott, who represents downtown Seattle, essentially has a job for life thanks to an electorate that deem themselves one of the most educated in the country. Yet when he gets up to speak about the nation's most critical business, he reveals himself to be an ignorant fool.


Anonymous said...

"Let's agree to disagree" Adam Smith who relies on the old coat hanger excuse and ignores the fact that babies are being slaughtered in unclean abortuaries and women's uterus' are sometimes damaged. You have to wonder what the real reason is behind these men's desire to keep funding abortions.

Anonymous said...

Planned Parenthood never recieved any federal or state funding for abortions. The funding it recieves from said sources are for basic health care and contraception, as well as STD and cancer screenings.

If your going to demean a well-standing organization because it happens to provide a service you don't agree with, at least get your facts straight.And I mean facts, statistics, not just what Glen Beck and Bill O'Rielly preach through that "news" channel.

Jonathan B said...

Um, Anonymous, you're new to this blog, eh? "PP never received any ... state funding for abortions?" Wow. I suggest going back to our first post, and start reading from there.

We have filed public records requests and the government itself has told us exactly how much PP of Washington gets from them for abortions. Go here. The answer is measured in millions.

Now, about getting those facts straight...

Anonymous said...

I resent that the government has mandated that what I have labored for will be taken from me and given to Planned Parenthood. Why is the federal government usurping my right to give to the charities of my choice and not theirs?

Planned Parenthood which profited $63 million last year in this country is a 501 c.3, not-for-profit organization. Why???

I believe that the Pence amendment is a very pro-choice amendmen since it give people the choice of not giving to Planned Parenthood. Those who want to can write out a check to Planned Parenthood on their own. They should know however that Planned Parenthood's personnel are handsomely paid for the deeds they do.

There is no virtue in choosing to kill your unborn child. Choice is the sanitized euphemism the wordsmiths in the abortion industry came up with to minimize the evil they do. EVERY CHARITY A WANTED CHARITY!

Jonathan B said...

"Every Charity a Wanted Charity"! I love it! Did you come up with that? Can we use that? I think it's going to be big. :)

Kitchen Benchtops said...

May Our Blessed Mother, the living example of faithfulness to Christ, help us bear consistent witness to God's gift of life in all we do!