Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Senator McAuliffe Rescinds Sponsorship of "Pregnancy Center Elimination" Bill

We recently told you about State Rep. Mary Helen Roberts rethinking her support for HB 1366, the House Bill in Olympia that would destroy the state's pregnancy centers. Now Senator Rosemary McAufille, whom we profiled here, has withdrawn her co-sponsorship of SB 5274. Her full letter to constituents is re-printed below. We've made several observations in brackets within the letter that highlight there is still much educating that needs to happen among our elected representatives.

Here's a brief run-down of the major sticking points we still see in conversations with representatives:
Nevertheless, despite her continued confusions, we commend Sen. McAuliffe for admitting to her mistake, and we hope these defections pave the way for others to do likewise.

Letter to Constituents from Rosemary McAuliffe
Thank you for your email regarding Senate Bill 5274, “Concerning limited service pregnancy centers.” Initially I co-sponsored this piece of legislation after speaking with the prime sponsor. I was assured this legislation has no intention of closing down facilities that give medical care to women across this state however this legislation was drafted due to questionable practices of some. “Medical centers” regardless of their stance on pro-life or pro-choice do not need licensed health care staff members such as RNs or Doctors. Without having licensed professionals these facilities do not have to participate in patient confidentiality laws, proper release of medical records, or the standards of care. This legislation will ensure centers with un-licensed staff are held to the same standards as centers with licensed staff, while continuing to give needed patient care. I am not pro-abortion. [Sorry Senator McAuliffe but your past actions say otherwise.] As a Catholic I place a strong value on life. [McAuliffe's support for the abortion industry through her silence and refusal to fight evil is contrary to the Catholic faith. Her statement is nonsensical and contradicts her next sentence.] I believe under the constitution that this country was founded on, all women have the right to make an educated decision between themselves and a doctor. [McAuliffe is simply ignorant. The majority of women self-refer for abortion, never meeting or knowing the name of the "doctor" who performs the abortion. Women are routinely denied the medical information they need to make an "educated decision", and the abortion industry fights tooth and nail -- successfully in this state -- to preserve their "right" to deny women that information.]

[As Christina at Real Choice pointed out, it's too bad McAuliffe isn't more concerned about women being butchered by aspiring Kermit Gosnells than being annoyed by prolifers.]

After speaking with numerous constituents, for and against SB 5274, I have decided to remove my sponsorship and will remain neutral for the time being. [Bravo for removing your name from sponsorship but again, no one, especially a self-proclained Catholic can remain neutral in the face of evil, despite her misinterpretation of the US Constitution.] This particular bill is still in the Senate Committee on Health & Long-Term Care for further review. As SB 5274 goes through our legislative process, many negotiations and amendments may take place. I will keep your thoughts in mind, wait for a completed bill and watch for the debate if it arrives on the Senate floor.
Thank you for your support.
Rosemary McAuliffe

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