Monday, February 28, 2011

Pro-Abortion Terrorist Who Threatened AIW Nabbed by FBI

Our friend Michelle McIntyre at Life of the Party alerted us to a post at Jill Stanek late on Friday.

The post was about the arrest of pro-abortion activist Theodore Shulman, who has been threatening pro-lifers across the country for several years now.

Mr. Shulman made 3 comments on posts here at AIW as "OperationCounterstrike"; here he posted twice and here once.

Here's a sample:
Right to lifers owe blood for eight terrorist murders.
Someone should kill eight right-to-lifers.
It won't be murder; it'll be justifiable homicide.
Jill Stanek has forwarded the information to the FBI.

Of course, violence and threatened violence is not new behavior for pro-abortion activists, or "pro-choicers" as they like to be called. They kill unborn babies, born babies, pregnant women, abortionists, pro-lifers, or anyone who gets in their way. They steal, kidnap, commit arson, drug crimes, sex crimes, and vandalism.

Doubt what we're saying? There's an out-of-date but informative list of "pro-choice" violence by state and province here which makes a very educational read for people who get their news from places like The Seattle Times, NPR, or CNN.  Washington's list is here.

We are glad the FBI has detained this man before he hurt anyone. But this story is horribly ironic in light of the situation we told you about where we were bullied and harassed by abortionist Julie Komarow simply for trying to interview her for a story we were doing on her stemming from her affiliation with the infamous Cedar River Clinics late-term abortion chain which we've been telling you about lately.

In that case she was able to get help from Eric Holder's Justice Department. Attorney General Holder provided two United States Marshals to "investigate" us and to bully the judge at the first hearing where Ms. Komarow sought a restraining order on our First Amendment rights.

Mr. Holder, consider this an educational moment in terms of where the actual threats of violence are coming from. It's from your side.

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