Saturday, February 05, 2011

Some Evergreen Republican Pols Start to Speak Out Against Democrats' Abortion Radicalism

While grassroots Washingtonians have been attacking the bill to destroy pregnancy centers, we haven't heard too much from political leaders. A few Republicans are now adding their voice and providing political leadership.

One of those is freshman Republican Paul Harris (Vancouver), who sits on the House Health Committee where the bill is now.

Rep. Harris doesn't mince words. “HB 1366 is a bad bill," he told us.

He emphasized the absurdity of going after sacrificial non-profits at a time of massive budget cuts to social services.

"These private pregnancy centers provide $19 million of services to over 60,000 women across the State of Washington," he explained.

"These are often lower-income women who would otherwise be relying on welfare. Like the Governor said, we’ve got to stop kidding ourselves and thinking that government can or should do everything for everyone."

"Pregnancy Resource Centers are exactly the facilities we should be thanking, not punishing.”

At AIW we are very happy to see state Republican politicians speaking out against pro-abortion extremism in the state. For far too long the Democrats (and plenty of Republicans) have gotten away with all sorts of pro-abortion radicalism, making this the Most Favored State for abortionists to do business.

The GOP establishment assures grassroots pro-lifers that they're on our side, but then laments that "pro-life just isn't a winning issue in this state", and uses that to excuse silence on ANY and ALL legislative insanity if it is in any way associated with the killing of the unborn.

We are glad some newer Republicans like Rep. Harris, a father of five, can see that immoral and failed policy for what it is. We know other Republicans are trying to get him to quiet down using this exact argument, and we hope he doesn't listen.

But he is not alone. State Sen. Randi Becker (Eatonville), who is on the Senate Health Committee, has also spoken out against SB5274.

She too highlighted the problem with trying to shut down faith-based, non-profit health, volunteer providers at such a critical time, adding: "I am concerned with placing onerous and stigmatizing burdens on clinics that offer free care to women, solely on the basis of their underlying philosophy."

She also highlighted the blatant unconstitutionality of the bill in its targeting individuals Democrats don't like.

“I also have concerns with the constitutionality of the legislation. I believe the requirements set forth in the bill amount to discrimination based on someone’s viewpoint and violate First Amendment freedom-of-speech rights guaranteed to these organizations and the volunteers working in them."

She then cited the recent court ruling which struck down a similar, though less bad, bill passed by Baltimore City Council.

“I sincerely hope that this bill will advance no further in the legislative process, but if it does, I will continue to voice my opposition on behalf of those I met and heard today.”

We would be remiss if we didn't point out that Sen. Val Stevens (R-Arlington), a long-time defender of life, has also been public and vocal against this bill.

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