Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sophisticated Ad Campaign to Save Women from Abortion Comes to Seattle

"I was ill to the bone, hot, cold, shaking and like I wanted to turn into dirt and die.  I threw up and bled.  I passed the child and kept feeling very ill.  The pills they gave me were like poison to both the baby and me making it impossible for the baby to survive.... It’s been over 3 years and I still wonder what she would look like and if she would ever know that she is loved by me.  I’m not the kind of person to kill a bug or hurt a fly but here I am a person so selfish I chose abortion.  It was the easy way out, but the hardest choice in the long run.  When I buckle my two children in the car I often feel like there is someone missing.  It hurts to think she feels unloved or unwanted.  I wish I could go back and make a different decision.  I feel if I would have been more counseled and had more support I would not be stuck with this guilty feeling the rest of my life."
This is Beth's story. We don't know what city Beth lived in when she was sold this abortion that killed a baby and scarred her emotionally, but it could easily have been Seattle.

And a new, sophisticated, privately-funded ad campaign just launched yesterday to help women like Beth stand up to the deception and pressure from the abortion-government complex and choose life for their unborn children. The organization behind the campaign relies on professional psychological studies to frame their message, and has set up partnerships with local pregnancy clinics.

The ads are on the billboards, light rail interior car ads, rail posters, bus tails, and bus interior car cards. But the largest one is downtown on a large wallscape at the corner of Howell Street and Boren Avenue. The campaign is deliberately targeted to lower-income women.

The purpose of the ad campaign is to get the women to call a hotline, or to go to the website www.YourOptions.com. The site is carefully designed to connect with women facing an unplanned pregnancy and to help them see for themselves the long-term devastating consequences of choosing abortion as an "undo" button from first-hand testimonies of women who have been there. It also introduces readers to women, like them, who accepted parenting even though it seemed like an overwhelming prospect to them at the time.

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